From yours forever to the lightening bolt


2. Chapter Two

So , it turns out that wasn't the last time we'd spoken after all. It was during Diwali, the festival of lights. A few days after my birthday . I'd as usual had another heart break after another serious crush. But this time it was different . I'd lost total faith and I had just become accustomed to the fact that maybe my guy got hit by a truck, and fortunately I was wrong.

I was at my hometown four hours away from the city. That is when i first actually started talking to Shekhar. It was a silly reason to start a conversation. It was because me and Vedant had a fight again and this time Shekhar seemed to be taking my side. So we started talking and after a long time I felt happy again, completely happy. And then we exchanged u numbers soon

We spoke to each other so much hat I knew his exact schedule. I knew exactly when he'd be back from school, and exactly what he'd do after he was back. Sooner then I knew I was falling for him. It seemed as if good guys did exist. I could see the good in everything. I'd turned into an optimist, which seeing th pessimist I've always been was a surprise. It was magical

Time passed fast as ever, and sooner then I knew it was Christmas time. A few days before Christmas he asked me to write a poem. A poem on the social issues. And right on Christmas just like a beautiful Christmas present, he sent me a link. A link of the poem being recited by him, with a beautiful acoustic tune playing in the background. At that moment I knew it. I'd finally found my guy.



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