From yours forever to the lightening bolt


20. Chapter Twenty

The following week, I tried to stay as strong as I could. I remembered all those times when life seemed like hell and I'd ask Shekhar if we could just go somewhere far far away from all this fuss and he'd always lock his pinky with mine and say come I'll take you wherever you want, we'll be together flying high through the deep blue sky, and no matter how bad the situation was, that would always get a smile on my face again. 

In the day time I used to just gloomily catch a corner and wonder what to do, think about the promise I'd made to Vedant about getting his best friend back wondering if I'd be able to keep the promis of never giving up on Shekhar, and since I couldn't sleep I'd stay up all night too. I couldn't do anything study, sleep, play, watch T.V nothing !

I spent the whole week consoling Shekhar. In the beginning it was all indirect, but eventually I  understood that being indirect wouldn't help anymore. The very next day after the phone call Shekhar promised me he'd never lie to me again, and then he finally told me about Kartika. He said that their fights were because of him and because he had lied to her, yes I did try telling him that those lies were around two months back and if I could've forgiven him within a day she could've easily forgiven him in two whole months! After all the best friends are supposed to be the more forgiving and understanding ones but he didn't understand. I was very frustrated and I didn't know how to make him see it !

After that day, we met thrice in school, each time I told him about how he was getting manipulated around, I tried to make him see that these six months were the last ones for him to finish his schooling, and those six months were the last months with me, Kartika and all his other friends, I always told him that since he would never be back in school again he should spend his days enjoying and jumping around in the corridors with his friends the way he used to.But unfortunately all those meetings had to end immediately because at the end of each of them our physics teacher saw us, and in our slightly orthodox school he was the most orthodox teacher!

After that day we didn't meet for a couple of days, all the conversations we had were on the phone, and one final evening I lost it all. I told him all about how I'd been prying all this while for lightening to just strike me then and there but then I heard Shekhars voice, he was almost into tears and he kind of yelled but you have to be with me through this. My answer ? Well, if I wasn't with him through it, it wouldn't hurt this much now would it ? That evening was the first time we'd had a pleasant end to a conversation in a long time. With the usual senseless kidding around and more of our crazy dreams..... 

After a whole week of counselling Shekhar finally seemed to understand what I meant. The day I told him he should be jumping around again was the day I saw him do so, when I told him he should hang around with his other friends he did it too. Yes, Shekhar coming back in line within such a short period of time did seem a little fishy but since nothing bad had happened again I decided to just ignore everything else. But only if I knew it was like the silence before a terrible storm !

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