From yours forever to the lightening bolt


22. Chapter Twenty Two

It was a day before teachers day. Since Shekhar was in the twelfth it was a pretty busy day for him. He spent the whole day with Kartika and a few other twelfth people trying to decide what he'd do the next day. 

Going through these hard times had made me and Vedant very close friends, since we both had been equally hurt by the same person in the same ways it was easy for us to connect with each other and understand each other. But Vedant had suddenly stopped talking to me! he had got mad at me because I was kidding around as usual, like I do with all my friends, calling each other names, and then eventually laughing it all off. The reason he'd given me was quite silly and I refused to believe it and after a day or two I didn't even bother to find out what the real reason was.

And I couldn't even afford to bother about it. After Shekhar,I was close only to one boy and that was Pawan. Pawan was my classmate since the fifth grade and he was always like a brother to me, he was the sibling I never actually had. Through all those years we had never actually been close, but just a year back I'd started sharing things with him and so had he. He actually cared for me and it was a very different kind of love and respect we shared for each other a kind which is very hard to find these days. Pawan never actually showed his feelings, he wasn't the kind to remind you time and again that he was there. In fact, he didn't need to remind me because I knew it and I saw it. Each and every time I needed Pawan he was there. Even though he had a bad experience dating Natasha we were close as we were before it. He was broken hearted himself because of the ending of a two year long relationship he'd had, and when he finally got over it and fell for Natasha he ended up broken hearted again. 

That day Pawan and I were talking about Shekhar and Pawan was horribly bugged. He didn't like the fact that I was still with Shekhar after the way he'd been treating me. Specially since I was a sister to him he was protective about me, and just when we were arguing about it Shekhar turned up from the back, and that was one of the most awkward moments I've ever had. Shekhar had seen me previously on the same day with Rishi.

In the whole school there were three boys Shekhar hated seeing me with the most, Pawan, Rishabh and Tanmay. Well, about Pawan, it was obvious, he was a little jealous about the closeness between us. But with Tanmay and Rishabh it was a totally different case. The three of us were best friends a few years back, and I'd grown to like Rishabh in a while. But unfortunately Rishabh had grown a liking for someone else and Tanmay had grown to like me, and to get to me he had lied to Rishabh about me a lot ! That ended up in a very big fight and towards the end of it Tanmay had confessed that he'd lied all the while because he liked me. That was something that hurt me very badly. We were best friends since three whole years and after all this while he had lied so much and broken all my trust ! Tanmay was the reason I'd never trusted a guy before Shekhar. 

Seeing me with Rishabh after that made Shekhar furious! No, he did not take it out on me. But even when Rishabh tried to have a normal conversation with him Shekhar was awfully rude and ended up yelling at him and then apologizing for it.

That day was a very weird one. All my friends and my mother didn't want me to be with Shekhar any longer. There was a time when they all knew and believed that he was an amazing guy but now they all knew and saw that he had changed, changed into a monster.

I decided to walk back with Pawan after school ended and I hoped I'd manage to cool him down by then. But Pawan then told me something he'd hidden from me for a long time. He told me that since Tanmay and Shekhar were neighbors Tanmay saw Shekhar every day and he'd told Pawan long back that Shekhar wasn't someone to trust, and that he was the kind who found a new girl every now and then. I wouldn't have believed that if Tanmay was the only one who said that, but I'd heard it from two or three more people. I had chosen not to believe them since I knew everything about Shekhars past and I trusted him. But, after listening to this I didn't know who to trust. Had Shekhar not lied to me so often I would still trust him and believe him. But now I'd started to doubt if I ever knew him at all..

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