From yours forever to the lightening bolt


23. Chapter twenty Three

Even though I came back to my senses when I reached home and I realized that Tanmay was probably just doing what he had done in all the years even after our friendship broke, lying to get to me. but still there what I felt for Shekhar had got a little different now. It was like seeing a stranger everyday, a stranger with a known face.

The next day was teachers day, and the first thing I noticed was that Shekhar and Kartika were wearing the same colors, and I knew for sure that it wasn't just a coincidence! That did hurt me a little, but I just ignored it and made sure I didn't pay much attention towards Shekhar.

That day Vedant finally started talking to me! But that was because some guy had seen the scene me and Pawan had after school and he was asking me about it in front of Vedant. I told Vedant everything I knew, about Shekhars mother crying, about his phone, about Tanmay , everything! Vedant just asked me if I'd told Shekhar about all of it, and well I hadn't. Then Vedant told me some things which surprised me quite a lot. He told me that the physics teacher had been asking Vedant about Shekhar and Kartika and he had also asked Vedant and a couple of other friends of Shekhars to ask him to stay away from Kartika because he thought she wasn't good company. Vedant told me something else too, which changed my complete over view of Shekhar. He told me that a few days back Shekhars mom had come to Vedant and she'd actually held his hands and begged him not to disturb Shekhar so much anymore. She didn't know that he actually used Vedants nae to talk to me and Kartika. Vedant also told me how Shekhar was talking late at night to either me or Kartika and since his mother was furious about it, the one he was talking to became Vedant. Suddenly, I remembered that was the day his phone had got 'permanently' confiscated, the next morning Shekhar had come to me and told me that he was talking to Vedant on the phone and his mom had got awfully angry about it. 

From then on every time I saw Shekhar with the love I felt came a feeling of hostility and anger, and I was scared that these two feelings would take over the love I had pretty soon..


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