From yours forever to the lightening bolt


26. Chapter Twenty Six

I was impatient and anxious all day, waiting and waiting for the evening to come, wondering what it had in store for me .

Finally the evening arrived ! Shekhar called up and we decided to meet in a mall which was halfway between our houses. Since our houses were pretty far away travelling was a huge pain! When Shekhar called up he started asking me all about my studies, my lunch and about how I would come, yes he did seem concerned but it was a different feeling. I knew and I could feel it he wasn't all that bothered anymore. He just pretended to be. 

That evening when we met,even though the times were tough and for all I knew it was the last time I'd get to meet Shekhar this way. I still had butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't stop my cheeks from getting crimson when I saw him. 

The moment Shekhar saw me he started scolding me for not wearing something warm enough, but i couldn't stick to something else for longer! We grabbed a corner where no one would notice us much. And the first thing I asked him was why he wanted to end all of it. It was a question I repeated for an hour through out that evening. And his answer was always the same. He told me that he was the one who was making me weak and he was the reason I was getting pulled down, he said that through out these two months he could see how terribly upset I was but he didn't do anything about it, 'It was because I was too selfish and I was too afraid to let go, all these days that I haven't been talking to you this is what I've been thinking about. Its time you let go of me, I know my girl and I know she's very strong, I see her breaking everyday because of me and I can't let that happen anymore, an I'm smiling right now because I know a few years down the lane you're going to be thanking me for all of this. I know you think a break is what we need, but a break up is the only medicine' was all that he said. And I broke down. Through out that one hour, I broke more than ever, I felt like I'd suddenly aged alot and I could just fall down any moment. 

Unluckily we'd caught quite a bit unwanted attention by then. So we decided to walk out of the mall then. We waited outside and I tried to convince Shekhar out of it but nothing seemed to work. Towards the end I just asked him to give me a hug for the last time, and the first thing he said was that look at what I've done to you you're breaking all your rules because of me. But he still brushed my hair away from my eyes and gave me a hug anyway.

What struck me then was that this hug felt right. The one in which we said good bye. I guess it wasn't meant to be after all.

Vedant had asked me to call him up if things got too out of hand. After trying and trying all evening myself and asking Shekhar to try too I finally got through the pathetic network ! I spoke to Vedant like I would speak to Natasha and Jessica in the same careless get your ass here way, and Shekhar noticed that too. Even through times like this Vedants stupid jokes made me laugh and seeing that got Shekhar burning! 

Finally Vedant came, and when he did Shekhar acted pretty casually too, as if nothing had ever happened at all ! as if he hadn't just ended an almost a year long relationship on our anniversary! It killed me, but then Vedant and me walked ahead together while Shekhar followed behind. Vedant consoled me and cracked stupid jokes all the while, trying to convince me that everything would be alright in just a day or two, but I knew it wouldn't. 

Between all the jokes and laughter Shekhar called Vedant aside for a minute and they had a tiny talk. Vedant came back again and got back to his monkey jokes, and when I was about to leave Shekhar suddenly called my name, mouthed he loved me, and to be honest it seemed like he was having a fit! Later on when me and Vedant tried asking him about what he'd said all he answered was that I should forget that ever happened. He showed me his fist, to represent strength and said every time you miss me and every time you need me just remember this. 

That night was the darkest one ever. I cried all the way back home. The moment both of them left all the tears came streaming down, and I couldn't stop any of them, I cried all the way home. I didn't want to talk to anyone about all of this, except for one person, Natasha! I went to her home before mine, I waited down in the compound for her. We went to a place where we usually sat under the trees. And as I told her about the evening, I lied down in her lap, the tears kept on streaming down and my hear burned bright with pain, but still being there with her was the nearest I could get to comfort..   

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