From yours forever to the lightening bolt


27. Chapter twenty Seven

On my way back home, Vedant called me up. Through the thunder and lightening he spoke to me. There were two reasons for me to speak to him, one was because there was a chance he'd make me feel better, and the second was because, I had heard that people got struck by lightening while talking on the phone during a thunderstorm pretty often, and that seemed like something I was looking for.

My hand was swollen with mosquito bites because I was way too hurt to shoo them away or even notice that they were biting me. With a swollen hand, swollen red eyes and swollen crimson lips I went home, I told mom about all that had happened. She spoke to me for a while about it and then we watched a movie through the night. Somewhere between the movies I finally found the way to sleep.

The next day seemed too long. I engrossed myself in studies all the time and the rest ? I spoke to Vedant and let him make me feel better. To my surprise by the end of the day , after having a talk with dad and telling him about all that had happened, i'd realized that Shekhar was  just a coward who didn't have the guts to fight and struggle for what he wanted, I'd asked Natasha to tell Pawan and Jessica about all that had happened, but in by the evening I was fit as a horse, and as I told Jessie all about it I found a way to laugh at a few parts of it. Thanks to Jessica I took just a day to get over it. Jessica was always family to me after all and if I ever felt lost and I needed to find home again.I knew I'd get it as long as I was with her. 

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