From yours forever to the lightening bolt


21. Chapter twenty One

But the truth does come out eventually, just like the sun can't hide behind the clouds forever the truth can't be hidden forever too. Only if Shekhar understood this simple thing. After a while his smile wore off from his face again and once more he was the Shekhar who walked around with a broken heart. I tried my best to bring him back to himself. Vedant told me all about how lost and disturbed he used to be in class everyday and how he used to just walk around without actually even paying attention to all that Vedant told him. I guess through all those days, I was as disturbed as Shekhar was, we both knew he was pretending to be happy just so that I could be happy once again, we couldn't meet at school after the incident with our physics teacher.

He'd been a lot of mocking through out the class. Indicating that he knew it all and it was better for us to end it all now. He once indirectly told me about how he'd met Shekhars mother and while he spoke about Shekhars 'problems' to her she was into tears. The moment I heard that I lost all my belief in him. He'd hurt his mother, his family, his best friend and his love in such horrible ways that they were much more troubled than he was!

That day the physics teacher had mocked me way more than usual in his class, he knew something was upsetting me in  a terrible way and he said that if things continued this way he'd have to meet my father! I had always been the ideal student with excellent behavior and good marks and for him to say something like that was the very perfect disaster! That day I saw Shekhar during the lunch break. He was running behind Kartika as usual, but this time I needed him and I needed him bad, I waited through out the lunch break, hoping he'd come to check on me atleast once. He didn't. Natasha knew that if he'd just come once even if it was just for a few minutes it'd make me much more happier than the anyone else trying to console me about it. But when she did try telling him about it, it seemed like he was trying to handle an emotional break down of his own. Natasha was totally disgusted after seeing Shekhar so uninterested even after seeing me pass by with soggy swollen wet red eyes, and the red jokers nose I possess every time I cry.

Shekhar did try coming once later. He just waited at the door of his class through out after the lunch break till I passed by again. This time he just looked at me and since we couldn't actually talk because of the teachers he just signed me to smile again. Yes, he did come but not when I needed him and he was late I wish he wasn't and I wish it more than ever, ut the truth never changes.

Very often when we are hurt, we don't realize that through all our pain the people who are close to us and those who actually love us are the ones who are even more hurt because of seeing us this way everyday.

That was one of the many things Shekhar saw but never learnt.  

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