From yours forever to the lightening bolt


29. Chapter Twenty Nine

The month after the break up was probably the worst thing that ever happened to me! Vedant and me had grown closer and by now he'd share all his troubles and all his secrets with me. He told me about his ex, who he loved, but when she left the school to go on to her college, he grew closer to another girl. She knew I was cheating on her, he said, and one fine day she asked me if I was and said I know maybe you can't accept it, but its okay, if you like her you should go on with her. That day was the day I'll always regret Vedant said to me.I did choose someone else over her then, but by the time I realized what I had with her it was too late, she liked me but she'd moved on and she would never come back to me after what I'd done to her. From then on I have never been able to get her out of my mind. She was always loyal to me, her phone and her facebook account were as good as mine. She never even spoke to any other guy and I'd taken it all for granted!

A few days after my break up Vedant had broken up with the second girl too, when he told me about his ex, I realized why Vedant wanted to help me so badly! He always talked about how Shekhar used to think of me as the ideal girl, who wouldn't even cast a second look towards anyone else, just like Vedants ex did! 

Vedant did help me, and for a while I actually believed that there was a chance we both could move on together. I thought Vedant actually cared and that maybe he could make me fine again. But I was wrong, awfully wrong! 

After the hope of a patch up breaking Shekhar still looked at me as if he expected me to talk, and for a few days he couldn't even look straight at me or any of my friends, he would always look down every time any of us passed by. But by the time he stopped doing it I realized he was doing what he did all this while, PRETENDING. 

Around a week before my birthday, Vedant and I were talking on the phone, and after a while Ankitas topic came out, and when it did Vedant said, you know what! He was cheating on you, not only with Ankita but with another girl as well. And that was the reason Kartika got mad at him! And he recently broke up with Ankita a month or two back, no no he broke up three to four months back, and I don't remember the third girls name, but as we talk about all of this I'll remember it. 

Yes, it was obvious that Vedant was lying, something mom had told me right from the beginning was coming true. Vedant was trying to be the shoulder I could cry on, so we both could get together! He didn't want to 'help' me out only to make up for his past, but because he saw her in me ! The realization did tear me, it shred me to pieces. I knew Shekhar would never do something like that to me, and everyone said so too But the fact that maybe I was a complete fool, and lived in an illusion for almost a year, pricked me all the time. 

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