From yours forever to the lightening bolt


25. Chapter Twenty Five

On saturday, Shekhar finally called me up. He had somehow managed to spear enough time and sneak away from his family at a distance which was enough for our talk to remain private.

I told Shekhar everything all about how Vedant used to almost be in tears while telling me about how much all of it hurt him, how hurt his mother was and how he'd changed so much. After listening to all of it, he remained quiet for a while and then asked me why I hadn't told him before. I said that I didn't want to disturb him more about all of this especially during his exams.

After a few minutes he said something I knew but hadn't accepted all this while. He said it was time for me to leave him. The next half an hour saw us both crying on the phone, I was asking him not to do this to us and he kept on telling me that it wasn't a choice anymore. Since this wasn't a conversation we could have on the phone we decided to meet the next day.

I was nervous as hell. But I still hoped and believed that everything could be okay again and we'd be the perfect happy us once more. One of our crazy talks included Shekhar calling me 'me' and I called him 'u'. I still thought that the u and me could be back again and forgive each other. 

Through these days Vedant and me ended up talking to each other on the phone every evening. That evening Kartika had called up Vedant for 'apologizing' for everything . The truth was that in all these days everyone who knew and loved the old Shekhar had grown to hate her, and all she was trying to do was to get her old good image back, but looks can be deceptive and once you see the true side its picture never goes out of your head! Kartika was also the kind who craved for attention and sympathy from people. I knew that very well because every time she spoke to me all she used to talk about how hard her life was going and even though she was the one and only cause of all my problems I consoled her, maybe because I hoped somewhere deep down she was a good person.

I couldn't even sleep for a blink that night. I stayed up scared of what would happen the other day, scared because I knew what would happen but that would probably be living my worst nightmare!  

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