From yours forever to the lightening bolt


28. Chapter Twenty Eight

The very next day, I ignored Shekhar completely. I didn't want to see him or talk to him. Even as I told Pawan about it, we both ended up laughing because he'd recently had a break up too! 

The first time I saw Shekhar that day was when I was talking to Vedant, he tried to hide away at first and when he came he expected me to talk but I just chose to forget about his existence. Even after school when I was talking to Vedant, Shekhar walked in and he waved at me but I didn't even see it then and luckily it was time for me to leave.

Since that very day Shekhar would leave me a message on facebook daily, asking me to meet him in the lunch break, but every time we decided to meet my extra classes came up, and when finally when we were about to meet after school, dad came to pick me up. Since I left early I couldn't tell Shekhar about it. Shekhar had started to cry again that day because he thought I was way too annoyed and he'd thought he'd lost me. That day he called me up, we spoke for a while, he kept on asking me if I was fine, and he was surprised when I said yes every time, and when he tried asking me about my studies or anything else I just kept on reminding him that it shouldn't matter to him now. He told me about how he wasn't able to study or anything because he was awfully worried about me. But some how that sounded as fake as the happy hello he'd said the moment I picked up the phone.

Since exams started from the next day, school for all the eleventh and twelfth people ended late and me and Natasha went back together by the public bus, the same way in which Kartika and Shekhar traveled. 

Vedant and I had decided we'd hang out together for a while and if we met Kartika or Shekhar on the way ? Well, we don't know them. And so as per our plan we met after school, I waited there for a while for Pawan to come as I needed a few notes for the exam on the next day, but as I waited there for Pawan, Shekhar turned up! 

Me, Vedant, Natasha and a few other friends walked towards the bus stop together, and dad called up. All this while I hadn't realized that Shekhar was walking among us. The moment I cut the phone call, I realized everyone else had walked ahead, leaving me and Shekhar alone. I ignored him for a while, but the walk was a long one. He looked at me and asked me the same thing again, he asked me if I was fine. And I got the same answer when I asked him any question. What do you want Shekhar? or Are you here to come back ? the answer to all of it was I don't know! My life has become a huge question mark. He said he'd let me know about whatever it was that he wanted before my birthday which was hardly a month away. We decided to remain just friends till then.

Me, Natasha, Vedant and Shekhar went back home together. Shekhar sat beside me and we talked to each other as if nothing had ever happened, even though Shekhar hadn't apologized but i'd already forgiven him. Even though everything seemed to be normal, but I could feel that Shekhar had changed. He was unusually quiet all the way back. Yes he was always a quiet guy, but whenever I spoke about the crazy stuff, he made sure I was not alone through it. 

After I reached home, Vedant called me up. He had behaved very weirdly in the bus and had walked off without even turning back to say bye. He told me that his head wanted me to go back to him but Shekhar but his heart didn't! I assured him and myself at the same time that I wasn't going back to Shekhar. Vedant then started telling me about how he and Natasha were praying we didn't have a patch up while they were waiting at the stop for us. 

I was pretty happy that evening. Happier than I'd been in a long time... But I should've known that it wouldn't last long. I probably did! But my bubble burst way before I expected. That very evening Vedant called me up, and told me about a phone call Shekhar had made that evening.. He thought Vedant had forced me into talking to him and he'd told Vedant that he didn't want a patch up either so there was no point of forcing me into one !

I felt broken all over again! There was nothing I could do anymore. Trying to understand what Shekhar wanted just confused my already messed up mind even more. So I decided it was time for me to let it all go. Something which was easier said then done.

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