From yours forever to the lightening bolt


12. Chapter Twelve

It had been a week since the school had started again. Shekhar and me met everyday and at every possible time we could in school. Shekhar was all that I needed and I was all he did too. Even after going home, we spent all our free time talking to each other. 

Every weekend I had my classes which went on for 7 hours! and after every lecture I'd get a fifteen minutes break. I'd spend each of those fifteen minutes break on calling Shekhar up, and no matter what he was doing Shekhar would make sure he'd pick up each of those phone calls.

It was perfect, all that anyone could've even wished of. My parents knew about us and since his parents were a little orthodox he'd told his brother about us too. 

One day, after another fight on Kartika, Shekhar decided it was time to tell her. But unfortunately, Shekhar told one of her friends about us first and before Shekhar could even meet Kartika her friend told her all about us. To add up to it Kartika had been asking Shekhar about us for weeks, it had been six months to us being together and Shekhar had hidden it all from her. Till there was no other option because eventually the whole school realized it. From then on he lied to her about it . The day he had to accept it was Kartikas birthday, and from then began the lies and the fights.

Shekhar and Kartika would have fights everyday. She'd always blame him for lying to her. Shekhar would come back home tired and sad everyday, and through all those days I cheered him up and made him smile again. I made sure I mended all the bruises those fights left on his heart. 

But after a few weeks I decided that the fights had gone on for way too long. I had asked Shekhar if he wanted me to talk to Kartika about all of it since a long time, but he'd always said that he didn't want me to trouble myself because of it.

As luck would have it, Kartika seemed to go to the same classes, and one day after classes I met her. I spoke to her and after a while we reached Shekhars topic. I told her how worried he was about his parents getting mad at him and all about how stressed he was about his twelfth. Then she was all fine, and she even apologized for it. But people are two faced so often. 

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