From yours forever to the lightening bolt


30. Chapter Thrity

From then on, I ignore Vedant as much as I could. Shekhar had been trying to get to Vedant again, and at times I wished I could just go and tell him all about what a jerk Vedant was!

Eventually,I did start talking to Vedant again. I had to, because the fact still was that he was there when  I needed him. But then after the parent teacher meet things changed completely! The results day was horrible for all of us. But it was the worst for Vedant, he had forgotten to tell his mother about the result day, and his mother met the teachers on the very next day! 
The teachers obviously weren't pleased about it. They told Vedants mother that he was a huge liar and that he was the last person anyone could trust and they sympathised with her for having a son like him. And they said all this in front of Vedant ! It was the last day of school for the twelfth people, and I was going through emotional confusion myself! The last day.. It meant the last time I would see Shekhr, yes that in a way was a good thing but a part of me felt bad about it.
I walked back after school trying to push all such thoughts away from my head. I saw Vedant waiting for me as he usually did. But, for the first time he actually looked terribly upset and Shekhar was by his side. Luckily by the time I went to Vedant,Shekhar was gone. He was almost into tears and his eyes were wet. He started cribbing about how he had suddenly started to hate Shekhar, Kartika, his ex and everyone who was very close to him earlier. He cribbed just like a little child. I cheered him up then, cast a last glance in the direction in which Shekhar had gone and then went home. It was the night before my birthday, Yes I was super excited about my birthday but a part of me still wished everything was normal between me and Shekhar. One part of me wanted him to wish me at 12 and apologize for everything and ask me to come back once more but the other part never wanted to talk to him again! 
It had been almlost a month since the break up. All of it already seemed just like a vague dream. 
I'd spent quite a few days hugging mom and crying my heart out, and through one of those times she just said I can feel your heart beat, it reminds me of the first time I'd heard it, you were in my tummy and it had just been three months. After that moment I never felt myself hurt that much again. Jessica would patiently heal me bit by bit everyday and Natasha used to always remind me that there was nothing bad about me, it was Shekhar who had turned into a coward. 
All their patience worked well, and got me back to my feet again . 
By now I'd accepted the fact that Shekhar was just a bad guy who tried turning good for me, but since it didn't work out well for him, his selfishness won over.
When I was in the fifth  I had once had a nightmare. It was about a guy I was in love with, I don't remember exactly what happened but I remember that he had died towards the end. Even though it was just a dream, it had left me upset for days. I had decided to think of everything with Shekhar as a nightmare and forget about it too,  everytime I wrote a poem for Shekhar, I signed it as yours forever, so I decided yours forever had to die too.

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