From yours forever to the lightening bolt


3. Chapter Three

A beautiful start to a beautiful new year..

Shekhar and I chatted all night. Both of us wanted to talk and I guess I've never wished harder to meet anyone. Even the next day, we chatted all along but couldn't talk on the phone. 

A few days later, mom and dad were out of town. It was the first time I was all alone for a whole day and at nights specially after watching a horror movie, it does get pretty creepy. We stayed up all night . I stayed up cause I couldn't sleep, and he did cause he wanted to put me to sleep. He sent me a beautiful song and made sure I was tucked in and warm on the cold winter night and while talking to him i found peace, and fell asleep. The next morning I had another recording, but this one was different. It was my favorite song, and I'd always told Shekhar how it was my dream to play it on the guitar myself one day. He'd played it for me and completed my dream.

The month was as beautiful as the start of the year. Many heart touching messages and many confessions, many secrets and many feelings. 

The next month.. February the month of Valentines day, the month of love. I hoped and hoped for Shekhar to ask me out. The way things were going I really did feel like something good was coming up. But then one day my best friend, Jessica decided it was time for doing some confessing from my side. She sent Shekhar a message telling him about how much I loved him, since Shekhar thought it was me I got a similar message back and Jessica being honest as ever told him it was her. Shekhar got pretty  upset at first but when I told him it was exactly the way I felt I could practically see his grin spread wide. A grin which both of us shared. 

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