From yours forever to the lightening bolt


32. Chapter Thirty Two

The days after my birthday were hard, me and Vedant had fights continuously for two days. It was about the same thing every time- Shekhar
The more we fought about it the more I became sure, what Vedant had for me wasn't just friendship. He'd tell me about how it'd be awkward whenever Shekhar asked him about anything related to my class or anything indirectly related to me.

 It was the day before Shekhars birthday and I was going crazy ! I'd been excited for his birthday since a year !! And I'd made a zillion plans of surprising him by now but all of it was nothing now. It was all over. A part of me wanted to leave him a message. At least wish him, but I knew I couldn't . My brain and my heart both knew it, but neither could accept it.

On the last day of the school Shekhar had over heard Natasha teasing me with someone else. And after he'd over heard all of it he'd gone straight to the boys washroom in front and locked the door shut ! In the morning too, he had been just staring at me while I passed his class after meeting Natasha, he knew everything about me and Tanmay, and on that day itself I'd decided to give him another chance, and as Shekhar saw us walking together he just kept looking at me, with a surprised amused look. 
Yes, all these things did make me feel like he was still there, like maybe he still cared. But I knew better,so I made a decision to just forget all about it once more, and not to wish him at all. I had to forget the whole year, forget any of it ever happened!

And to do so, I planned the next day in order to keep myself busy and away from the past. I planned to spend my whole day at classes, and then hang around with my cousins, cousins who I'd been dying to meet since months now ! Though in the beginning it seemed like the plan wouldn't work. But it did ! The whole day just swept away and I just kept my phone away all the time, and turned my net off just in case I had the sudden urge of wishing Shekhar.

But late at night as I was on my way to my cousins place and we planned on a sleep over, I turned  the net on for a while and found myself a little broken when I saw no message from Shekhar. i stayed up all night talking to my sister for a while,and after she slept off I spoke to my brother for hours, I always wanted an elder brother and now I'd started to see why. We spoke about random things and when we came to the topic of relationships he started talking about how useless they were, and how we all were too young for one, and unknowingly he did what I couldn't in a whole month. He made me see the good side of it, not only see it feel it and believe in it.

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