From yours forever to the lightening bolt


33. Chapter Thirty three

Unfortunately the effect didn't last long. I started having emotional break downs again from the next day itself. School had been off for a whole week now, and it was about to start again. I knew one thing, going to school meant facing my past again and fighting to stay in the present. So, the school was one of the last places I wanted to go.

After our break up, there were a couple of guys who asked me out, but I don't know, I guess I was too scared to fall for anyone again. Except for that there was one more thing wrong, they got a little desperate and pretty clingy after getting rejected. I tried to force myself into liking one of them but I just couldn't! 

Even the next day at school started out wrecked up.

I'd been ignoring Vedant for a while now, and I had gotten away with it pretty well, but then he'd got pretty emotional the previous night asking why I was doing it. I was already in a terrible and nostalgic mood but I tried to be happy I really did. I'd spent the previous night crying, and I'd cried so much I could barely speak. My head was messed up and I tried to drive all of it away. For a while I did manage pretty well, after a lot of talking and joking around, Pawan and a few other friends of mine had managed to cheer me up. In the beginning Shekhar wasn't able to even look up at me but when Pawan caught him looking up after a few days, he got awfully annoyed and He just asked me one thing, he asked me if Shekhar had wished me, and when I said no he just abused him and said then that guy can be darned to hell and he never deserved you. 

The times when he actually showed that he cared for me was pretty rare, and each one of them made me happy, and through each one of them I wished harder and harder that we were real siblings. 


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