From yours forever to the lightening bolt


36. Chapter Thirty Six

My exams went better than I expected, specially seeing the way i could barely concentrate. My results also luckily and surprisingly turned out to be good, which saved me from the wrath of my teachers. The days after the exams were just long I guess, I spent most of my time with Natasha and before I knew it we were the same old best friends again. 
Everything around me was good and happy. But well, I had my good days and bad days. Shekhar just seemed to be guilty when Karthika wasn't around, and when she was around he used to be back to not caring at all. I remembered how people told me that he still loved me, and that he just pretended to be happy with Karthika. Its not like I didn't know any of this. It isn't like I needed someone to tell me all this. I knew that he he thought I didn't want to get back and was probably just waiting for me to call him back once, like I was the day he left me and I remembered the way he looked at me and Pawan or me and Vedant hanging out together. It was the same way I looked at him and Karthika. 
I knew he was just pretending with her, and I could see how unhappy he was. But I couldn't go back, because I also knew he'd never have the stomach to apologize. 
And I hadn't seen him since the day my exams started. So time played its magic, and one by one all the memories and pain fled. For a while I was scared to trust or care for anyone too. But fortunately that wore out. If it hadn't I guess Natasha and me wouldn't have been best friends again. The days were as usual, busy and tiring. Full of studies, and at times it got awfully lonely. But mom helped me through those each of those times. And before I knew it, it was christmas!

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