From yours forever to the lightening bolt


31. Chapter Thirty One

It was a garba function that night, and i planned on dancing the night away with all my friends by my side. We all danced, chit chatted and hogged till it was 12. The moment it was 12 they all ran to me and gave me  a tight group hug and yelled happy birthday Suman!! I was happier than I'd been in months now, my eyes were wet with tears of happiness. I went home skipping around like a child, I did get many phone calls that night, a few unexpected ones too, but there was just one phone call i hoped for, one which never came. The day of my birthday, well it just seemed like torture this year, and I just wanted the day to finish off somehow! Natasha had made me feel warm again at night, when she realized what I was hoping for. I had decided to get up late in the morning , my legs and head both ached like crazy because of all the dancing.
Natasha turned up that morning, it was the first day of the holidays and like most of the people in my school she was going to her home town. She dropped in and brought me a pretty gift, but more than the gift what touched me was the card, she'd told me once long back that there was nothing wrong with me, infact I would've been the ideal human, but the world around wasn't the way it should be and thats why I always end up hurt. And I couldn't take that out of my head, because it was something I'd started to believe. 
But on the card she'd written: to the girl who lights up the world with her smile and whoose so skinny that she could get crushed with every hug I give her, you deserve every happiness in the world. Yes, good things do happen to good people.
And that was one of the best things that happened to me that day. We hanged out together for a while, and right before she was about to go, my 7 year old cousin called me up and it had been centuries since we'd spoken, infact I hadn't seen her since a year because she'd shifted to the states, I'd started to feel warm again and I could feel myself heal. 
A while after Natasha left, two of my other friends turned up 
Though there was a time when we all would meet each other everyday, but thanks to our lives full of the science stream we hadn't met since ages ! We talked and talked for a long time, it was wonderful! Though it was just random things and complaining about studies and college, it still felt awesome! And the moment they left, to my surprise Pawan called up !! In the five years that we have been friends he always went to his hometown in all the holidays and he had in these ones too, we both spoke for almost an hour! The topic ? Oh it was my favorite one, complete senseless talks. 
I felt light as a feather and it had been a long time since I felt this light! I went to get dressed and when I came back there was a message, it was from Shekhars elder brother! Yes! It was totally unexpected. Even though it ended just with a thank you, but I knew then that he was a good person. Because from where I saw things he seemed to have had a break up a few days before I did. The moment I saw that message I started to wonder, Shekhar had an amazingly sweet mother and his brother seemed like a great person too, then what on earth went crazily wrong with him ! 
By the time I calmed my mind down, dad and me had a pretty big fight, and after that I got mom to drop me to a mall near by where I was going to meet Vedant and an old classmate of mine. Unfortunately she like most of the people in school, hated Vedant. Vedant ruined my birthday completely ! Yes , he treated me specially, picked up all the food we ordered from the counter and all little things like that. But he called up Shekhar! Luckily he didn't pick up, and to add up to it, he kept on teasing me about Shekhar all day , in such a way that only I would understand what he meant. 
I realized what Vedant was trying to do then, Vedant had tried to call Shekhar up only because he wanted to make him jealous, he wanted Shekhar to ache as much as he had. And he teased me about Shekhar again and again so that I felt hurt again and went back to him to get 'comforted' 
The afternoon was awful ! But luckily after that , I met my society friends !! And we all had got together after an awfully long time ! We danced and talked and teased and went crazy all evening and night ! Yes , I was happy but through it all a part of me still hoped for a call or a text from Shekhar. After the party I decided to go to the temple next door since it was the last day of durga pooja, I prayed just for one thing, something I knew would never happen.
I stayed up late that night, but there was no message, no call and no text.

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