From yours forever to the lightening bolt


34. Chapter Thirty Four

The next month just got worse. yes, there was a possibility that Vedant was a liar and a terrible one! But I knew that Vedant did have a good side too, we'd been through quite a lot after all. it had been two weeks since we met and longer since we actually spoke to each other. So after a long tiring day of making my house do the march past for the sports day and fulfilling my house captain responsibilities, I went to Vedants class after school, hoping I wouldn't have to see Shekhar again. 

And Vedant was there, as we walked back together, I remembered a plan he'd made. Kartika had called me he'd said and she spoke a lot about you about my second girl friend about her and about Shekhar, and she also told me that Shekhar refused to talk to me because Varsha, a girl in our class had told him that I back bited about him, but there's one thing Kartika doesn't know, every phone call gets recorded on my phone, and I want the three of them to hear it, together !  Why is all I asked as I stared at his face, puzzled. Its just a plan I made out of boredom, yes my life is normal but Its boring and I can't take it any more. From that day on I stayed even farther away from Vedant.

I wanted to ask him if he'd done it . But before i could say anything he told me everything. I poke to Kartika and Varsha today he said. I was awfully frustrated and I couldn't take Varsha trying to be my 'friend' again! So I called Kartika as well. And I made her accept all that she'd told me about Varsha, and just about then, Shekhar walked in and I kept on asking Varsha to accpet whatever it was that she'd told Shekhar. But she didn't. And later on Kartika started scolding me, she said that I'd forced Shekhar into being with you even though he liked Ankita more, I felt a rock in my throat but I controlled my tears, I couldn't break down, not here, no now, not like this. 

And then understood what Shekhar was up to, Vedant went on, through out the year he went on and on about how he loved you, and how badly e wanted to be with you, because you were the ideal girl for him, who didn't even look or think about anyone except for him, and now suddenly when Kartika started getting mad at him becasue of his relations with her sister, he suddenly started to like Ankita more !

Anyway I've quit talking to them, and people like them don't matter to me anymore. Well, that is what he said, but I knew it hurt him. Maybe as much as it hurt me, Shekhar was desperate, so desperate for Kartikas friendship that he was ready to give up the relationship he wanted for the relationship Kartika had chosen for him.

i didn't completely trust Vedant though, but the fact remained the same, Shekhar was just one messed up guy, who really didn't know how to fight for what he wanted, if he was with Ankita in that time didn't matter because there was one thing I was sure about, he loved me and cared for me and once upon a time he understood me and felt for me like I was a part of him, just like he was a part of me. I knew that maybe a apart of him wanted our times back too, and that ached too, but more than anything else I knew I had to let go, it was time to let go. And not just for me, for Vedant too.  

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