From yours forever to the lightening bolt


35. Chapter Thirty Five

Letting go was not easy, but knowing that I wasn't through it alone made it easier. Me and Vedant eventually became the friends we were again, two people who understood each toher, and cheered each other up no matter what. Vedant tried pretending that he was fine in the beginning but I'd become an expert at it by now. And after a while, he became fine again, the happy crazy monkey who cracked idiotic jokes.   

Everything was fine and normal, except for the fact that I was pretending, pretending to be happy most of the time, I'd realized that I'd kept people around me unhappy for way longer than they deserved, so I went on faked laughters and smiles. Trying to be the old me, the happy Suman, but the truth was I was breaking inside, tearing apart, I was dying. The emotional break downs became more frequent but I hid them well, I woke up every morning after dreaming of the old times, and spent a while reminding myself that the past was gone, gone for good. I tried spending all my time studying , so that I didn't have to talk to many people, and I didn't have to talk much.

It was finally the last day of the twelfth standard people, and also the first day of my mid term exams, I went searching for Vedant right after I was done with my paper, well, it was bad as usual and it was one long day. Now that this day had come I thought about how there was a time when I though I'd miss Shekhar a lot, and now here I was thinking about how I would miss the times I spent with Vedant.

I found him finally! Sitting n the steps, staring out of a window near by. His eyes red and watery, lost in deep thoughts. I said nothing and just went and sat by his side.i'd once read 

Pain makes people stronger from the outside, but hollow from the inside.

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