From yours forever to the lightening bolt


38. Chapter Thirty Eight

I could run away but where? Give up on my life? But I didn't have the courage to. 

The farewell came, times had got tough with all of us, the pressure from out parents and teachers to study and score well, the pressure was worst on Vedant but it affected Natasha in the worst way. I ignored all the things she said about how she'd become anti social and how she had quit caring about what anyone said and just spoke about happy stuff all the while.

The farewell day came, and I didn't know what to expect from it. There was a chance I'd brake even more, knowing that it was the last time I'd see Shekhar, seeing him with Kartika maybe could burn me too much, and maybe just maybe he'd come back on the last day.

I somehow convinced Vedant to come, I needed someone with me after all ! Vedant did come, but Shekhar didn't turn up. By the time he did, I had to go, I made sure I didn't even spare a glance, cause there were more chances of me hurting that way. 

I spoke to Vedant for a long while, and on our way back.. Natasha and me finally found our lost friendship again, I was quiet all the while, cause I knew I wouldn't be able to pretend all happy this time, and she just gave me a tight hug, smiled and said I'm always gonna be here, no matter what. 

I managed to pass my 11th standard and hell yes 12th was better, much better, and even though the fear and the emptiness filled me pretty often, it eventually wore out.

and then after a while I met you, ever since I've been getting close to you, but I never let myself get too attached, after Natasha and Shekhar I didn't have the courage or strength for someone new. 

He glared at me silently, I was smiling but I could feel my tears dripping down. All this while he'd told me all his secrets, worries and fears, but I hadn't shared my biggest one.

He smiled and just hugged me tight. He'd always been forgiving no matter how crappy I got. I think I'm in love with you though I said, he bowed down and kissed me on my cheek, I've been feeling that way ever since I first laid eyes on you he said. 

All this while I was searching for an exception, someone as stupid as me. And there he was, that crazy stupid caring fool. My happy ending, or rather my happy beginning.

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