From yours forever to the lightening bolt


13. Chapter Thirteen

That very night Shekhar and Kartika had a fight again. I had told Shekhar about the meeting I'd had with Kartika, but I hadn't been completely honest about it. 

In the morning Shekhar and I had a fight of our own. He said he needed time with Kartika to settle things out, I was annoyed by the very fact that they'd had a fight again and so I ended up fighting too. We saw each other in the lunch break that day, Shekhar was looking for me in my class and I was looking for him in his. When we met our usual high five ended up in us holding each others hands. We both apologized and I consoled him about the fight he'd had. I told him all about the talk me and Kartika had the previous day, and he seemed to know all about it.

From that day on Shekhar had some work or the other after school pretty often. He had to stay back for his practicals most of the time. To mess it all up more Kartika and Shekhar had a fight even more often. Time passed and our distances grew. But with the distances our love grew too.

We still called each other up every day. He was my escape from everdays worries and tensions and I was his. 

After another week the exams began, and the moment they did Shekhars mom took away his phone. It had been a week since we'd spoken for more than fifteen minutes. I missed him every second, and he was all I could think about. I was going crazy with not talking but after a while I hid it from him. Seeing me troubled just seemed to disturb him more.

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