From yours forever to the lightening bolt


10. Chapter Ten

The next day Shekhar did finally get a phone. But since it was one of the oldest nokia models things weren't the same. 

Since we were determined on meeting we did meet. A few days after Sehkhars phone got stolen. Shekhar came over and it was a beautiful evening. I rushed back from my guitar classes and he called me up. Talking to me in an extra cheesy tone, listening to which we both would burst out laughing. He came and with him he bought many chocolates for my results. So, we grabbed the chocolates,found a nice place and bought my favorite drink. I kept on sneaking looks at him and for any usual person Shekhar talking so much would've been a surprise , but with me? the Shekhar who went around laughing at all those stupid jokes and who made silly plans and silly dreams and still talked about all of it in complete seriousness was the guy I loved.We walked and talked all evening for hours, he would tell me about his aunts and uncles who lived just a block away and about ho he'd come around often because of it, and it was one of the most amazing evenings I'd ever had. 

Right before Shekhar was about to go I called Jessica too. I wanted both of them to meet each other so very badly after all. Jessie cracked her silly jokes as usual and after a while Shekhar opened up too. Jessie always did have her way with new people after all. 

Even after Shekhar left we spoke to each other on the phone till the time he reached home. Just like I'd become a part of his world Shekhar had become a part of mine. In fact, not just a part he was my world. 

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