From yours forever to the lightening bolt


16. Chapter Sixteen

I knew there was something that was troubling Shekhar, so I started looking at him even more carefully every time he passed. Through out the assembly our eyes used to be on each other, there was not a word we could speak and thanks to the teachers we dare even exchange a wave so our eyes did all the talking that they could. 

Our lab was right opposite to Shekhars class, and during every practical Shekhar passed by at least once. But since the practicals used to be mostly after the lunch break I used to see him getting into his class everyday and at the end of every lunch break he looked more and more upset, and at the end of every lunch break he returned from the next class, Kartikas class. 

I knew the reason for all his troubles and his sorrow and I wanted to help him out of it so very badly but unless and until he stopped trying to hide it from me I'd never be able to.

On the rare occasions that we talked I always asked him about Kartika and he always kept it all from me. Since he hadn't gotten his phone back our talks were rarer than ever. So I decided to ask Vedant about it. After pestering Vedant for a week I finally gave up and just when I did Vedant started his indirect talking. 

He started telling me that often when we think that our so called best friends need us we decide to spend more time with them to make them better. Shekhar has been lying to you and keeping things from you now days, its just to save what you two have maybe, but he's been lying. 

It came to me as a shock, the worst one I could probably get! I had realized that Shekhar had been lying to me about meeting Kartika and I'd also realized that the only reason behind that was because he saw how troubled I was because of their fights and their friendship, but that was the moment when it struck me. On the days when he didn't have to stay back that is where he used to be! I was broken almost completely 

Shekhar was my only hope to good guys and the only reason I'd actually started talking to them again and the only reason I'd started trusting guys again 

Shekhar was the only guy I'd trusted in three years and now it seemed like that was a mistake too !  

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