From yours forever to the lightening bolt


17. Chapter Seventeen

Vedant had asked me to meet him the next day and so I did.

In the beginning he did a lot of indirect taking, but when I asked him to get to the point he started with telling me about how Kartika was a bad girl and a bad influence to Shekhar. He told me that Shekhar would go to Kartikas class every day in the lunch break to make up for the fights they had while coming in their bus in the morning, and while he waited there for her to come and talk to him, all Kartika did was talk to her other friends and treat him like a ghost. Every day after school their fights would go on and just when Shekhar would decide that he has had enough of trying to sort it out Kartika would come back and apologize. But more than all of this what Vedant said towards the end shattered me completely. He told me that Shekhar had is phone with him since a long while but since he could send only a limited number of messages he spent them all on Kartika.

Lies, all those lies. I had always told Shekhar how much I hated lies and after all that he still decided to lie . Even if it was just to keep us together, even if it was just to keep me happy, lies never work and I had always told him that, he lied to me all the while only because of Kartika and her cruel intention of getting Shekhar to do exactly what she wanted. 

The next period was biology and I'd spent my whole lunch break just hugging Natasha and crying.The walk to the biology lab was one of the longest ones I'd ever had, my knees felt horribly weak, it was like my legs were made of glass which had been cracked and they could shatter and bring me down anytime.

The teacher realized there was something wrong with me, so she let me be with myself in the room next door. I felt so weak that I couldn't even make it to one of the chairs. I tumbled down on the floor sat upright and cried my heart out. Through out the period I couldn't stop my tears, and just when I was about to get up my old science teacher walked in! I carefully dodged all her questions and sneaked out of the class.

I went right to the washroom and Natasha knew exactly where to find me. I hugged her once more and all the tears came streaming down once more. Seeing me that broken almost broke Natasha down too. I'd lost all my hope and everything seemed shattered and I had no clue what to do , I didn't know if I could ever fix the pieces, I wasn't even sure about finding them.

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