From yours forever to the lightening bolt


7. Chapter Seven

The following days were pretty hard for both of us. My boards were around the corner and exams always mad me horribly nervous. So I spent all my days studying, and the time I wasn't studying I used to talk to Shekhar he was the only one who managed to make me feel better about all of it. It wasn't just the boards,there was one more fear, since it was my tenth my parents were considering changing my school after my boards were over. Shekhar was much more worried about it but he made sure I never figured that out.After a month of worrying my results were out and unexpectedly so. 

Shekhar and me had a bet. He was sure I'd manage to get a merit certificate and I as usual was under confident. The moment he came to know that I had managed to nail it he called me up from a different number. The first thing I heard when I picked up the phone was someone singing congratulations in a happy but horrible voice. We talked all evening that day, we both were happy as ever. The best part? I wasn't even half as happy as Shekhar was.

The coming days saw a lot of memories I will never forget. The tiny jokes he cracked every time I got worried about shifting. Our late night talks. Everything ! It was a wonderful feeling to know that he was there and he always would be   

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