From yours forever to the lightening bolt


19. Chapter Nineteen

That day the moment school ended I was outside Shekhars class again, but this time was different I was determined on meeting him and we had to talk it out. Shekhar tried talking me out of it, he told me about the teachers who were orthodox and about how we both would be in even more trouble if they figured out everything, he wasn't wrong there. But I was way too hurt and furious to think straight. On our way back I tried asking him about what was troubling him. No, he didn't accept the real reasons this time too. He knew I'd get furious about it .

I asked him about his phone thrice, and each time I got a different answer! The first one was that it was still with his parents, the second one ? I got it back but then it got spoiled, and the third one was I did get it back today and I planned on surprising you. 

I was too .. I can't even find the right word here, disgusted? disappointed? hurt? angry ? maybe. It was time for me to leave and my bus was just about to go. I wanted to ask Shekhar to call me up that evening but I stopped myself from completing the sentence as soon as the first few words left my mouth. He realized what I wanted him to do and he promised he'd call up that evening. 

I spent all the time in the class stopping myself from breaking down then and there, I don't know why but it just seemed too hard. Everything was falling apart and I didn't know what to do. 

Finally my classes got over and as soon as they did I checked my phone, Shekhar had left my quite a few messages on facebook telling me that his parents were awfully mad at him but he'd still call me one way or another.

I waited for a while but Shekhar had never kept me waiting for long. That day I did a lot of indirect talking I tried asking him to treat all his friends equally and I also tried asking him about Kartika, but the only way I figured out something was still wrong between them was because I knew him too well. Every time I mentioned her, his voice got low and he'd say everything was a little messy a while ago but its fine now, and when I asked him about his phone , finally his fourth one was the real one. He said that his mother had read our messages twice before but fortunately she hadn't smelt anything fishy, and if she read them once more things would turn out bad, especially since his mother kept on confiscating his phone every now and then. 

Shekhar was the first guy I had actually trusted in 3 years, after a bad experience with a best friend of mine. But now, he had lied to me I knew he had, and lied so much that I had no idea what to believe and what not to believe. Shekhar used to be pretty hurt by the fact that his whole foyer back bited about him , and I was the one who believed in him and I always told him tat he was one of the most amazing people I'd ever known, and every time I said it I meant it. But the way things were turning around I'd started to reconsider everything. Except the past and our memories there was just one thing that kept me with Shekhar even after knowing his lies, it was a promise. A promise of never giving up even when the times got rough.

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