From yours forever to the lightening bolt


9. Chapter Nine

It had been months since we had seen each other and even longer since we'd actually met. So one fine day Shekhar decided that he would come to meet me in one  way or the other. 

It was a usual day, with his usual routine. But I guess luck wasn't on our side then. That day we were chatting as usual when he was on his way home from his classes. Suddenly the messages stopped getting delivered, after spending an hour getting worried about what would've happened I got a call. it was Shekhar and he sounded way to upset, his phone had got stolen and so he obviously couldn't come over.

It was a long evening for both of us, I kept on wondering how I'd be able to talk to him. But I new he'd find a way so I waited. I waited and waited and he did manage a few minutes now and then throughout the day.I spent a few more days trying to cheer him up, I couldn't stand seeing him upset I was way to deeply in love with his smile.

Because of all this I had almost forgotten it was the 15th ! our anniversary  and when I remembered I was sure I wouldn't be able to do anything special since he didn't even have his phone anymore I decided to spend the night watching movies to cheer myself up. But then around 12 at night I suddenly got a message from an unknown number and to my pleasant surprise it was Shekhar.

He'd managed to convince his brother to let him borrow his phone for a while.From that day on I felt like I belonged to another world as well. A world which wasn't just mine, ne which didn't have me alone in it. I was a part of his world and a big part of it, and that feeling was one of the most beautiful ones I've ever had.

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