From yours forever to the lightening bolt


14. Chapter Fourteen

A few days had passed since the exams began and he suddenly asked me to call a number. His excuse was silly, he said he wanted some papers which a friend of his on that number had. i called up anyway, and Shekhar picked up. I recognized his voice at that instant. He answered the call in a fake voice and pretended to be Suleman. That day we forgot all the stress and all about our sorrows and spoke to each other for hours. 

Cracked senseless jokes, spoke about crazy stuff and mind you, we spoke about all of that crazy senseless stuff very very seriously and with extreme sincerity. 

Shekhar would meet me after the exams ever day. We would talk for a few minutes and then we both had to leave. Things went on the same way for a week, and after a terribly long wait the exams were over. Shekhar left school early that day, and the first thing he did after reaching home was leave me a few messages on facebook. I asked him if he'd got his phone back, and crossed my fingers so tightly that they became red and then lost all their color. Its with dad he said, mom had left it one the table for me but then before I could reach home dad did and he took it because his phone wasn't working well. 

I was on the way to my classes and thanks to the traffic it always took me at least an hour to get there.I called Shekhar up on 'Sulemans' telephone again but while we spoke to each other his father called him up.. five times, and every time he got a call he would cut mine wait for his father to call again and when his father didn't call up he'd ask me to call him up again. Since his telephone was not working well he could only receive calls. After the fifth call it was time for me to go. 

Through out the class I was worried, I hoped and prayed that everything was fine with his father. But god never listens to all of our prayers, and this one went unanswered too. 

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