From yours forever to the lightening bolt


4. Chapter Four

It was the first day of school after the Christmas holidays. Everyone knew about the video by now, and I had started to like it. The feeling when everyone knows we belong to each other, and all that love, care and affection that we shared. In the lunch break when I looked into  my bag for a book I found a chocolate. I had no idea how it had come there and no guesses on who must have kept it there. I spent my lunch break catching hold of people I suspected and just then Shekhar passed by e asked me if I'd seen the note. I didn't wait for a single second after that and ran all the way back to y class, after searching and searching I finally found it! A small note with a box drawn on it just like the boxes on youtube, and the box read - Is this our country ? by Shekhar and Suman.. 1000 views ! an arrow connecting the 1000 views to a huge smile. To be honest, more than the 1000 views or the chocolate seeing that note written by him with our names together made me grin. The chocolate ? Well, we shared it.

Shekhars mother was a teacher in the same school. Luckily she taught the primary children. The nerd tenth standard student that I was I had never seen her before. But as luck would have it she found her way to me. As all of us were calmly wasting the precious time of the only free period we had that week she walked in. The moment the yoga teacher told her about the class, the first question she asked was who is Suman ? 

I was pretty shocked. Honestly ? No i did not see that coming. I was too surprised to speak and even when I tried to open my mouth the words seemed to run away! so I decided to just sit there and smile back at them as they discussed about the video Shekhar had made 

Even though the confessions were already made. But, we sill had to say it directly. It was when I woke up early in the morning on 14th of February. I always wished for a message like that from the guy I was crazy for and well, here it was right in front of me my dream come true.

The message read :

I hope the bling of my message on your phone doesn't disturb your priceless sleep, these few months that I've spent with you have been the best ones in my life and i can not imagine my life without you. I want you to be with me through out my life so that I could live like I have in these few months forever.

I remember each and every word of it. Shekhar, the shy guy that he was didn't even talk about the confession or say anything about how much i meant to him. We met after school, as we did everyday and just as I was about to leave he looked at me and said I'm still waiting for the right time.

Nervous Shekhar I thought as I walked back to my bus with a grin so wide that is seemed like I'd never actually grinned before. Yes, that grin did earn me quite a few suspicious looks because I didn't manage to take it off for the rest of the day 

But just that night Shekhar said he couldn't talk to me anymore and he'd tell me about it later. I spent most of the night tossing and turning wondering if I had said or done something wrong. Late at night he told me his mother had read his messages.


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