From yours forever to the lightening bolt


5. Chapter Five

I was terrified. I stayed up all night. It seemed as if my dream had ended before it even started. We tried to meet quite a few times, but we couldn't.

Finally in the lunch break I saw him, and I couldn't wait anymore. He looked at me and smiled. It wasn't your messages he said, it was my best friend. She'd called up and my mom picked up but don't worry everything is normal now  

Yes I was relieved that the messages we read weren't ours but at the same time the moment he mentioned his best friend I knew she wasn't good news.

So, to make up for the shock his best friend had given me I went to mine. My best friend Natasha. Even though she was new at school and I'd known her for hardly a month. We two were closer than ever and it seemed like we'd been friends since years. We spent the lunch break together. Me, Natasha and Pawan, the brother I always wanted but never actually had. 

Shekhar had seen me writing pretty often. He always asked me what it was about. My answer would always remain the same- wait for the right time Shekhar I'll show you all of them. We both knew our right times would come at the same time. I spent the rest of the day trying to write the best I could for Shekhar. I would've chosen one of the zillion ones I'd written for him but none of them seemed good enough!

When the school got over I saw Shekhar waiting for me, right next to my class. We waked out together and though we weren't talking, that silence between us was different from the ones I'd had before. It made me feel warm and complete. I sneaked out the poem out of my pocket and gave it to Shekhar. As he started to read it I saw his grin spread wider and his cheeks turn crimson. He looked up right into my eyes and didn't say anything for a while. He just took my hand in his and mouthed a thank you. I ? I was pretty surprised by the idea that one single poem of mine could make someone so happy that they become speechless, and through all this I didn't realize that my cheeks felt warm with all the blood rush. Then finally Shekhar managed to whisper it to me. I love you. He was so nervous and surprised that he walked off without even waiting for my reply. I ran and stopped him and said I did too. After that? I had to run again or I'd have to go all the home walking if I would miss the bus. All the way back there was just one song I hummed. A thousand years by Christina Perri. and eventually that became our song...  

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