From yours forever to the lightening bolt


15. Chapter Fifteen

The moment I got free I checked my phone hoping for a message or a call or some sign of what had happened. A message ? Yes there was one. A message from his brothers phone, it was Shekhar telling me that his phone was confiscated, by his dad this time which certainly meant bad news. I got my pieces together and told him everything was going to be okay. I waited all night and through out the next day, hoping he'd contact me in some way again. As the evening passed and the night set in I lost all my patience and finally asked Vedant where Shekhar was, and it turned out he was out all day with his father trying to settle things down and do all is work.

Right after that Shekhar was back, he messaged me from his brothers phone. I was bitter to him, but that was because of my worry. I was too scared of things getting worse between Shekhar and his parents, he as it is seemed to be having fights with them everyday which just got worse as time passed by, and more than anything I was wishing he wasn't too upset about all of it.

That was one long weekend, but the one ahead was worse. 

It was a day before our results were to be declared. 'Suleman' wanted me to call him up again, it had been days since we'd spoken to each other even at school. I'd wait outside Shekhars class everyday, yes he would come but most of the days he had his practicals. After the telephone incident he had to sneak onto his computer to talk which became even harder with his mom tying to spy on him.

I called him up but he sounded upset. He told me that the physics teacher had had a long talk with his mom, which didn't look pretty good, and since like all other teachers our physics teacher was orthodox too that certainly wasn't good news.But even after talking it out he sounded sad I asked him time and again about what went wrong, but his answer was always the same, I can't talk to you and I really wish I could. But somewhere deep down I knew there was more to it then that.

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