From yours forever to the lightening bolt


11. Chapter Eleven

The school had started for Shekhar and everyone else except for the eleventh. Our talks became even more rare. Though we had less time, we made the most of what we had. We both stayed up all night talking and talking about all sorts of random things, about how we would live togther and the things we'd love to do, the pets we'd keep the house we'd buy, the cars we'd travel in we had dreamt it all. 

But there was one thing I did mind. It was the fact that he hadn't told his best friend Kartika about us. By the way she behaved with Shekhar I was sure that her feelings for Shekhar were more than just a friend would have, and that is when our fights started..

One evening I asked Shekhar why he was so adamant about not telling Kartika. I had lost all my patience and anger was all that I could feel. That evening Shekhar told me about Ankita. Ankita was Kartikas cousin, and it turns out she was the reason Shekhar and Kartika started talking in the first place.

"Hers was the first unknown friend request I'd accepted", he said. "It was in the holidays last year. Time passed we both spoke to each other and had grown to like each other. It was her last year in school, and when the school started again Kartika came in. She was a new girl in the foyer and thanks to Vedant we eventually became friends too. When I came to know about her relations with Ankita I told her about the way I felt about Ankita and then she helped me to get to Ankita more often. Ankita and I started meeting ever day and we spent most of our time together. But when we grew closer, she told me about someone she used to like, a guy from our school who she was still very found of. I love you Shekhar, she said but I still like him too. But I was too big a fool, many people warned me about her told me she wasn't a good girl and that she fell for every second guy. But I ignored it all and still asked her out, we didn't date and we were never together but then I saw it all and I saw her reality and I decided it was time to let go. A few months after that I met you, and I fell in love with you." 

After listening to all of it I realized that all he was trying to do was escape an emotional drama. He kept on telling me how he was a fool and how that was the worst decision he'd made. It was a secret he'd kept only with me and Vedant. 

That evening our trust grew stronger, our love became deeper and I was sure we'd last longer. 

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