From yours forever to the lightening bolt


18. Chapter eighteen

After running out of tears I had come to a very hard decision. I'd decided to talk to Shekhar as soon as I could and I had also decided that I would end everything then and there if the lies continued. But before I could meet Shekhar I met Vedant. 

I told him about what I'd decided, and even as I told him about it I wished something or someone would just kill me then and there somehow! Vedant was shocked by all that he heard, he started to tell me about how I'd regret ending things. He spent a long time telling me about how crazy Shekhar was for me. He told me about how Shekhar would talk about me all day to him, how he would relate everything to me , the way he went to swimming classes and cycled through out his summer holidays just so he could increase his height and get taller than me. He told me about how all Shekhar was worried worried about what he was going to do for making my birthday special. But all of this was before his fights with Kartika began...

Vedant was almost into tears when he told me about how Shekhar was the first actual best friend he had, someone he could call even at the middle of the night just to talk about random stuff. He looked right into my eyes and asked me a question to which I still haven't found an answer. Why me ? is all that he asked, and that was the question that tortured me for a long time in the future....

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