From yours forever to the lightening bolt


8. Chapter Eight

These summer holidays were long, and since my family loved travelling we planned a trip to Europe. Yes, I was very excited about it but the only thing that kept me from jumping around happily was that spending two weeks in Europe meant two weeks without any contact with Shekhar or anyone else as a matter of fact.

Among our many small senseless crazy talks was a tiny dream, we wanted to travel the world. We were so crazy about it that we had actually made a list (which we kept on changing now and then).Lets got o Venice first he'd say and Span too! Its going to be perfect specially since I'll be with you.

Throughout the trip I equally distributed time between finding WiFi so that I could talk to Shekhar somehow and the rest of the time I actually toured and did some sight seeing mentally adding things to our long list of places.

Everyday before I went to sleep I'd write a message to Shekhar telling him about the places I'd been to and dreaming about how we would travel around all of them together some day. The same way Shekhar left me messages too, he'd tell me about all the thing he did all day. Through all of them I could see how crazy he was going. He had actually written a poem for the first time, it was about me but he never showed it to me. I guess he was too shy to do so since I was supposed to be the writer among the two of us.

The trip got over sooner then I knew. The day I came back we spoke for hours on the phone adding more and more crazy little things to our bag of dreams.

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