DanIsNotOnFire Has My Heart On Fire

Skye is your average girl, bubbly, fun and has that one big crush. Not Harry Styles, not Josh hutcherson, but a boy who used to live around the corner from her, but barely knows her. Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire.

I'm going to have to put this story up to a higher rating for such adult themes- I hope you don't mind! Also I just want to say that self harm is NEVER an answer. Although here I describe it as a great release for Skye it won't make your problems go away. In fact it will only make your problems worse. So please guys- find healthier ways to deal with emotions. Thanks for reading!


22. Double Date

It was the day of our double date to the cinema and I was bubbling with excitement. I decided to wear army camouflage leggings with a long white top with a skull on it which was also in camouflage. To top it off I wore my favourite heels which were black with the laces lacing up right to the top like military boots. For my hair I straightened it down and for makeup I kept it simple with concealer, eyeliner and mascara.

I made my way to the cinema to be greeted by Jackie who was already there. She was done up in a long black top which had a zip going down the back. On the front was a lion cub holding a heart saying 'You Suck'. She accompanied this with batman leggings, red converse, curled hair and natural looking make up.

"You look great!" I complimented her as I hugged her in greeting. "Says the one!" she replied. "I'm so nervous!"

I pulled back. "You'll be fine I promise; Phil is a great guy and knowing him he's probably more nervous than you are!" On cue Dan and Phil approached around the corner. Both boys were done up in skinny jeans and a shirt. Dan looked handsome as ever.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god" Jackie whispered under her breath. Laughing I approached Dan halfway and kissed him briefly on the lips.

"Hello to you too" he replied and I giggled. "Guys, this is Jackie" I announced pointing at her. "Hi!" she said "I've heard so much about you both"

Dan held out his hand to shake Jackie's. "Likewise. I'm Dan". Phil shuffled forward with obvious nerves spread on his face. "I'm Phil" he stated and also shook Jackie's hand. "Hello Phil" she said grinning.

"Right" I started "now that we've done introductions can we go inside now?" Grabbing Dan's hand I pulled him forwards through the doors and both Jackie and Phil lingered at the back making small talk.

We bought our tickets and made our way to the cinema room. I ran up the steps to find the best seats before they could be taken by others. I decided the best seats were in the corner on the back row and I pulled the armrest between mine and Dan's seats up so we could curl up together throughout the film. Phil came and sat down next to Dan's seat eating popcorn in which he was sharing with Jackie who was sat on the other end to me.

So far so good.

Ted was a hilarious movie. We all cried and laughed so hard that we received a few stern looks from others. Phil actually managed to knock the box of popcorn over causing them to spill everywhere all over the floor. By the end of the film Phil was sat there with his arm casually around Jackie's shoulders and you could tell from her eyes she was absolutely gleaming inside.

When the credits were rolling we all stood up and stretched from sitting in the same position for an hour and a half. We all decided Ted was a brilliant film and would recommend it to others.

"I'm going to the toilet. You coming Jackie?" I said. This was a private thing between me and Jackie. Whenever one would say that it secretly meant that we wanted to talk alone about something. "Sure" she replied.

"Why do girls always have to go to the toilet in groups?" Dan questioned smirking. "Yeah. Are they in packs or something?" Phil joined in mockingly. "Yep. Me and Jackie come as a pair. We'll meet you outside!" I replied and me and Jackie made our way to the toilets.

As soon as I ushered Jackie in to the toilets we went and stood by the sinks. "So, what do you think?" I asked Jackie grinning. "You really are cupid Skye!" she squealed to me "he seems so nice! I would definitely like to go on more dates with him" but then Jackie looked sad. "What if he doesn't like me though?"

"Nonsense" I assured her. "It was clear you and him had mutual feelings. Just swap numbers and you'll be texting to arrange your next date before you know it!"

"Really?" Jackie questioned yet grinning head to toe.

"Yes really" I said laughing.

Jackie was about to answer me but we were interrupted by various screams coming from outside. We looked at each other in alarm trying to figure out what was happening. Not knowing what would be greeted on the other side of the door we edged towards it slowly.

"Should we go out there?" Jackie questioned in a small voice. I racked my brain for an answer. "Maybe we're safer hiding in here" I whispered.

"PHILLLLLL!" we heard and I instantly shot out the toilets knowing who that voice belonged to. Jackie followed close behind me. We were greeted by the sight of people of all ages crowded around the top of the stairs.

"Can you hear me Phil?" I heard Dan shout again and me and Jackie pushed our way through the crowd at the top of the stairs whom of which were mumbling hastily to their selves.

Eventually we reached the front of the crowd and we were instantly met by the sight of what everyone was crowding around. At the bottom of the stairs from the top of the cinema to the bottom was Dan standing over a body on the floor.

Dan looked like a ghost.

And that body belonged to Phil.

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