DanIsNotOnFire Has My Heart On Fire

Skye is your average girl, bubbly, fun and has that one big crush. Not Harry Styles, not Josh hutcherson, but a boy who used to live around the corner from her, but barely knows her. Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire.

I'm going to have to put this story up to a higher rating for such adult themes- I hope you don't mind! Also I just want to say that self harm is NEVER an answer. Although here I describe it as a great release for Skye it won't make your problems go away. In fact it will only make your problems worse. So please guys- find healthier ways to deal with emotions. Thanks for reading!


4. Bottom. :3

"We're here" Dan stated, pulling in to the flats' car park. I scanned my surroundings; taking it all in. Aligned next to the car park was a small park full of a few children and their parents. Well, this seemed like a nice area for sure.

Dan got out the car and before he could come over and baby me again, I quickly unfastened my seat belt and got out of the car. Suddenly the soreness of my minor injuries hit me and I automatically moaned in pain. "See, I told you to let me look after you!" Dan protested, rushing to my side and sliding an arm around my waist. "I just feel such a burden! I feel like a little child" I complained. "Stop your worrying" Dan assured me, "You're not a burden at all". And with that, he quickly lifted me up in to his arms again and carried me towards the flats. I felt really embarrassed to be carried yet it felt so warm and...almost safe in his arms.

After a trip in the elevator up to his floor, we soon arrived at the door to Dan and Phil's flat room. "It's not much" Dan told me, "but it does feel like home". I laughed. "Dan, you seem to forget I've already technically seen your kitchen, living room, bedroom and Phil's!" "Ha, oh yeah" he said in realisation. Dan inserted his key in to the door lock and unlocked it; taking me in to his flat.

I could not stop gawping. This seemed so surreal. One minute I'm watching Dan and Phil in their flat on YouTube- now I'm actually in it! The whole thing was just incredibly bizarre to me. Everything was how I remembered: their small kitchen with black work tops, their big TV and gaming system plus a whole collection of DVDs. This was amazing. Dan threw his set of keys on to the kitchen work top, and carried me over to the living room before placing me carefully on to the sofa as if I were a fragile and delicate ornament. He propped up the pillows for me so I could lean against them in comfort and sat back observing me.

"You don't need to be so concerned- I'm honestly alright!" I expressed, smiling at Dan. "I appreciate your help, but really, I'm dandy as a daisy".
"Just humour me and let me play Doctor Howell alright Skye? I won't sleep tonight unless I know you're well!" I liked the way he said my name. I know it sounds odd- but it was like a warm summer's day the way he said it and I was breathless.
"So where does it hurt?" he asked. "And don't try to play it off as fine when I know it's not!"
I figured I better be honest because it seemed evident he would catch me out anyway. Clever clogs.
"Well" I began, "Obviously my nose is aching. My ribs seem to be pretty sore too and my left ankle feels slightly dodgy too. Nothing serious though, and that is honest".
Dan sat there watching my body language so he could be sure I was telling the truth and not brushing it off. He seemed content with my answer because he soon got up and strode to the kitchen to do something as opposed to protesting to my answer. I soon realised he had collected a hot water from somewhere and was filling it up with hot water from the kettle. After doing so, he then proceeded to the bathroom where he came back with a wet flannel and put it next to the hot water bottle. Finally, he retrieved a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and brought it over to me along with the rest of his findings.

"Here" Dan told me, holding out the hot water bottle. "Place this under your jacket, you must be cold". I did as I was told, placing it right on to my ribs. It felt good. Whilst I did that, Dan grabbed a cushion from the corner of the living room and placed it under the ankle I said to be feeling dodgy. Doctor Howell really did know what he was doing.

Next, Dan began to do something that made me embarrassed. So embarrassed that I knew I was going red as lobster in the face. Fortunately, Dan seemed to pretend not to notice this and did not analyse and question it to me. He placed the flannel flatly in his hand, and started to clean my face with it. I remembered I must have blood on my face still, so it made sense why he was cleaning me. He stuck his tongue out slightly in concentration whilst he did so, and did not take his eyes off of my facial features at all. This felt ever so romantic- if only it meant something more.

After cleaning the blood off of my face, Dan placed the bag of frozen peas in to the palm of my hand. Wow it was cold! He instructed me to hold it to my nose as it would make the swelling go down. Too mesmerised by everything, I obeyed orders.

"Want to watch a film?" Dan questioned me. "Sure thing" I replied.
"I pick Shrek!" Dan exclaimed, producing Shrek from his collection of DVDs. He must have them alphabetically stored or something...I have no idea how he managed to find the DVD so quickly otherwise. Not waiting for a reply, Dan turned to put the disc in to the disc holder of the TV. This therefore meant whilst he was bending down I got a great view of his bottom. I grinned.


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