Lost in the Sea

This is my poem for the 24 hour poetry competition :)! Hope, you like it :D!


1. Lost in the Sea

Water can be cold

But not as cold as me

It is not something, you can hold

If only you would see


It is cold again tonight

Especially in my heart

I cannot even hide

My missing part


The moon is dancing again

Reflected in the water

My only friend

That does bother


The water swirls around me

As I take the first step

Welcomed by the sea

And consumed by its endless depth


I am not afraid anymore

It is over now

I hardly remember, what I swore

I have broken my last vow


I promised to try

But at last I was broken

”Don’t you ever cry”

These are the words, I always have spoken


I wish, I could explain

But I have always been to shy

Stay by the sea, when it will rain

Then my final tears will say my last goodbye




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