A text.

When a normal girl from Birmingham, receives a text from a unknown person, it probably would change her life forever.


4. -Chapter 3-

As we pullled up to the arena and found a parking spot quite a walking distance from the location where the concert is held.. and let me tell you.. its really insane! i pulled out my phone from my pocket and realized i had an unread iMessage from the stranger from the night before. " oh i am terribly sorry, i didnt realize it." i quickly replied the stranger saying its okay and walk towards to the arena with Marie going insane as the sea of fangirls with painted face, huge posters, pictured t-shirts and glow sticks around their neck and wrists. 

Soon we got in line to the entrance of the arena,it was quite a struggle to get in line as the insane fangirls  was pushing and shoving each other around to get inside the arena. finally, after me shouting colourful words here and there, we finally got inside the arena and to our seats. freaking. front row seats. as we got settled down, the concert was about to start.

the lights suddenly dimmed to complete darkness and the music started blasting and 5 boys came jumping out of no where and starts singing a song that im quite familiar with " Live While Were Young" . We jammed along to the song, as quickly as it started it ended. 

" HELLOOOO! " a guy with a mo-hawk styled hair screamed into a mic, the crowd erupted in cheers.

" HOW ARE YOU?" a guy with messy hair said into the mic, the crowd screamed louder than a few seconds before.

" GOOD TO HEAR THAT. THE NEXT IS OUR LATEST HIT SINGLE BEST SONG EVER " another guy with skinny tight jeans said into the mic.

~ skipping to the end of the concert.

" THANK YOU EVERYONE" , the mo-hawk guy who i learned whos name was Liam.

" WE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU " skinny tight jeans who i also learn that was Harry.

" GOODNIGHT" Niall and Zayn screamed into their mics who i later learned who was who.

" BYE" Louis screamed walking off the stage.



we waited in our seats for quite awhile until most of the girls had cleared out of the arena. we walked out and walked to the backstage for the meet and greet with the boys. 

my phone binged while waiting for our turn to meet these boys.

it was a iMessage from the stranger;

" im sorry for bothering you :) im niall.

i looked at the text funnily, as my mind wondered to the Niall from One Direction, chuckled as its impossible to happen. 

i typed a reply back: " hello, niall. it isnt much of a bother:) your name is quite identical to that guy niall from one direction,:) btw, im paige " 

a few minutes later it was our turn to meet the boys, and my phone binged as i entered the room.

there was the boys doing random things around their dressing room, i pulled out my phone and saw a text from " Niall" 

it said," yeah.. quite identical.. your name sounds beautiful, just like you." 

i smiled and replied to the text saying its completely insane as he never met me and he could be a pedophile.

"Paige? HELLOOOO? PAIGE? ARE YOU STILL THERE?" a face that was really close to mine screamed into my face, causing me to scream and falling backwards into someones arms, which was.. Niall's .. omg. those eyes..i snapped out of it and apologized.i quickly stood up,stumbling a bit making the boys to chuckle. i was flushed from embarrassment, marie was no where near to helping me but laugh instead. i sent her a glare which she gratefully ignored it. 

i tried to walk out of the room but was stopped by Niall.. 

" where do you think your going?" he asked in that accent of his, goosebumps raised up on my arms. 

" um.. out?" i stuttered. 

" c'mere.." he said with a warm smile opening his arms wide. i walked up to him slowly and embraced him with a hug. he smelled so nice. omg.what am i saying? :O

" awww look at the love birds!" someone screamed, i tried to break free but niall wasn't letting go of me. i sighed and held on to him enjoying the hug we shared, ignoring the boys completely. i looked up at niall, and saw that he was already looking down to me. i blushed and hid my face in his chest. he is just so so  s                     o        prefect. i cant even. am i falling for him? omfg. 




Hai guys! how are you all? Happy New Year :) can't believe zayn turned 21 yesterday *sobs* 

will paige find out whos niall? will they fall in love? 

ship names please?  


comment please:3 

i love you all. thank you all so so so so so much for the reads likes and the comments <3 i love you all so much:) sorry for not updating much , my life has been quite busy and messed up :'( sorry, i will try to update soon again:3 XXOXOX


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