A text.

When a normal girl from Birmingham, receives a text from a unknown person, it probably would change her life forever.


3. -Chapter 2-

Normal POV


i glanced up at the clock, seeing it's almost time to leave for the concert. I got up and quickly got dressed in denim jean shorts and a cute crop top along with some boots I found that matched along with the out fit.  I applied a little bit of mascara, eyeliner and some red lipstick to have a hippie look. I left my hair wavy cause that's just the way it is, and added a flower crown on my head, cheers to flowers in crowns! As soon as I placed the flower crown on, a car honked just out front of the house, catching me completely off guard and screamed. 

My phone binged, notifying me I have a text. I walked over to the nightstand which is next to my bed, I unlocked my phone and plugged it off from the charger, it was a text from Marie telling me that she has been waiting outside for me, I quickly typed a reply telling her I would be out in a few seconds. 

I quickly grabbed a black sling bag and fling it over my shoulders and ran down the stairs and out the door shouting goodbye to my mum. 

I hopped in Marie's car and we were on our way. 



A/N : 


sorry for the short chapter guys:( 

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