A text.

When a normal girl from Birmingham, receives a text from a unknown person, it probably would change her life forever.


2. -Chapter 1-

Recap *

I saw a message from an unknown email. I unlocked my phone and the message said " mate, where r u? "

 "who is this?" I thought, I never gave anyone my email before except my friends but never a stranger. its so weird... I began typing " sorry, but you texted the wrong person , mate - Paige xx " I sent the text and went to sleep, not long after I finished brushing my teeth yaaadaayaaadaaa and so on. _next morning_ i woke up, startled by the one and only... MARIE. " WKAE UP WAKE UP! I GOT FREAKIN TICKETS ! WAKE UP ! JESUS WAKE UP! I GOT THESE TICKETS THAT ARE HARD TO DIE FOR ! PAAAAAAAAAIGE!! " " for goodness sakes, people are trying to sleep and it's just 7 in the morning!" I grumbled turning over to see the clock. " I don't care if it's even 2 in the morning, I GOT FREAKING CONCERT TICKETS! " Marie stated , well more like screamed .-. " to what concert? " I asked, getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. " I'm not even sure but HELLA ITS A CONCERT AND I GOT US THE TICKETS FOR FREE AND ITS FRONT ROW ! HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED?!!! PLUS. WE GOT A MEET AND GREET PASSES! " Marie screamed. " Geeeeez fine I'll go with you! Just shut the fucking hell up , you woke the entire neighbourhood with that scream of yours " I said slamming the bathroom door and did my business and shit. And like I said earlier, Marie is always the type to get close with any celebrities that has any greet and meet or concerts or anything that has to do with meeting or seeing them. I got a feeling this is going to be hella of a ride tonight. I walked into the kitchen after I finished doing my business, seeing my mum cooking pancakes with chocolate chips, ermahgawd. Those are like to die for! " morning mum! " I chirped, sitting down on one of the stools next to the island. " morning mrs. Paige's mum " Marie said hugging my mum out of no where " what am I going to do with you girls? " mum shakes her head and chuckled. " I don't know but, I got tickets for a concert tonight and I'm bringing Paige. " Marie said grabbing the pancakes that were already made earlier and were just sitting there. My mum nod and asked " who's concert is it doing to be this time? " knowing that going to one of these was lkie a routine. " some famous British-Irish band called ONE DIRECTIOOOOON!!" Marie said and kinda screamed at the end. "Their so hooooot! Oh my god! And those curls! Are hard to die for--" she began blabbering and I just laughed at how funny she looks when she's hyperventilating. Total LOL moment. _______ comment. heart. Favourite. _________ sorry if it's short, but next chapter is going to be extravagant ! (I don't even know the meaning to that word, LOL) anyways , I bet you all going to know what's going to happen next;) but who's the mystery person that texted her? Hmmmmm;) -meii xxx

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