The Watery Depression of the Retail Worker

Why do we do the things we do?


1. There's no Water in the Kettle

There's no water in the kettle.

The customers are testing my mettle.

They ask stupid questions, moan when nothing goes their way,

They make life difficult, and they just won't go away.

When I try to fill the kettle, with water from the tap,

I get called out again, to deal with yet more crap.

The water's gone cold now, I'll boil it again,

Oh wait, what's that, another customer with no brain.

Will I ever get my coffee, that I so desperately need?

Nope, thanks to stupidity, ignorance and greed.

The water's cold again, what a surprise,

And now the customers are giving me lies,

That price is wrong, they shriek!

My anger is nearly at the peak.

'Time to leave' I snarl, for I want my tea.

Also, I really need to pee.

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