The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Louis POV.

“Okay, boys remember to behave and don’t do anything stupid. We don’t want the press to hate you” Will tell us. We get through people to the red carpet and all the reporters bombarded us with questions. ”One direction over here. Look at us. Boys over here please. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis over here pleases. Look at this camera.” They were going nods. “Easy now guys” Liam said. “We don’t understand what you are saying, when you all talk at the same time” I told the paparazzi people. They all looked at each other and nodded but then they attacked us with tons of questions again. Great. Just great. Then finally Paul and Preston came to help us out. What should we do without them? “Everyone take five steps back and give the boys some space” Paul told them. They all did what he said and gave us space. We answered many questions and it went well, but then a stupid reporter ruined it. “Boys, is it true that you are going to make another movie”. “No we are only make one and that’s our ´This is us´ movie where we show the world how it is to be one direction” Niall told them. ”What about a REAL movie then? No plans about that?” We looked at each other without knowing what to say. Then someone spoke. “You do know that they are singers and not actors right?”. “I’m not stupid okay, you don’t have to get mad” the man said. The other reporters told him to shut up and then a fight began. Paul escorted us in to the cinema and away from the fight. Where we found our seats and waited for the movie to begin. I hope Fiona is in there. I really want to talk to her and tell her that I’m really sorry for what I said. But I couldn’t see here. “What are you looking at Lou?” Liam asked suspicious. “Oh.. nothing. Just who’s in here and all that”. I think he bought it.

“What just happened outside” Zayn asked choked. “I seriously have no clue” Niall said. “I can’t believe we started a fight” Liam said scared. “We didn’t. He did. He knows that we aren’t actors. Stupid paparazzi” Harry said mad. “Just calm down bro. It wasn’t our fault” I said sitting next to him. Just then I saw Fiona coming this way. I was smiling and the boys gave me a questions look. Soon they saw what I was smiling at.

“Hello boys, how are you. I’m Fiona if you don’t already know”. She said looking at us. “Fiona, how are you darling” Zayn said and hugged her. “I’m good thanks, how about you guys?” “We are good” Zayn said letting her go. “You must me Niall right? We haven’t met before I’m Fiona” She said and gave him a hug. “yeah I’m Niall. The Irish one” He said a little embarrassed. That made Fiona laugh. “And I’m Harry. Harry Styles. Nice to meet you ma lady” Harry said kissing her hand. “WOW…. Erm.. Nice to meet you too Harry” she said winked at him. Harry smirked and let go of her hand. Then she literally jumped in to Liam’s arms to huge him, but a little longer than the others. She whispered something in his ear that made him light up. “Well I need to go now see yaa later…. maybe. Boys and Louis” she said and left. What just happened? She left without saying anything to me. She can’t be that mad at me, is she?


Liam POV.

  Louis was smiling like as if he just won the lottery. I looked at the direction he was looking at and I couldn’t stop smiling myself. Fiona was coming this way in a beautiful purple dress. All the boys were looking at her with wide eyes. I didn’t remember that she was that beautiful. “Hello boys, how are you. I’m Fiona if you don’t already know”. She said looking at us. Then Zayn took a step forward. “Fiona, how are you darling” Zayn said hugging her. “I’m good thanks, how about you guys?” “We are good” Zayn said letting her go. Then she looked at Niall. “You must me Niall right? We haven’t met before I’m Fiona” She said and gave him a hug. “yeah I’m Niall. The Irish one” He said a little embarrassed and that made Fiona laugh. Why is he embarrassed? Who knows? Then she looked at Harry.  “And I’m Harry. Harry Styles. Nice to meet you ma lady” He said trying to do the James bond thing. “WOW…. Erm.. Nice to meet you too Harry” she said surprised and winked at him. Harry smirked and let go of her hand. She turned at me and our eyes met. She jumped into my arms and I hold her tight around her waist. She smelled so god. Her hair was soft with a smell of strawberries. I could hold her like this forever but I need to let go because the boys were give us questions looks. I let go of her and our eyes met “Meet me later after the show, then we can hang out” she whispered in my ear. I nod and gave her a smile.  “Well I need to go now. See yaa later…. maybe. Boys and Louis”. She said and left. Everyone was looking at me.

“What Just happen” Niall said with a big grin on his face after she left.

“Why did she hug you like she’s knowing you in ages and not us?” Harry asked confused.

“Louis, why didn’t she hug you?” Zayn asked.

“Because we had a fight and now she hates me” Louis said disappointed. Fight? What fight? Harry, Niall and I were looking at each other confused.

“What do you mean Lou?” Harry asked.

“I know her form back home. I used to look after her when her dad was away and we were really close, she’s like a sister to me. When I auditioned to the X factor I lost contact with her because she moved to LA with her dad but I guess they moved back and to London now. At the VS show I met her with Zayn and I got her number to stay in touch. But last night I said something stupid that made her mad. That’s why she’s not talking to me anymore”. WOW. So that’s why he was so sad last night. I thought it was something to do with Eleanor. But why didn’t he tell us. Why didn’t she tell me about Louis? “What did you say?” Niall asked. “Yeah. Did you say that you wanted to get in her pants” Harry joked. “HARRY!” I said slapping him on the head. “Thank you Liam” Louis said. “What did you say to her”. Zayn asked. “I told her that I hate ‘The adventures’ and she flipped about” Louis said looking down.      

Everyone was quite but then we all laughed our heads of on the ground. “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny about that?” Louis asked annoyed. We all had tears in our eyes of laughing. “What’s wrong with you Lou” Harry asked. “You were fighting because of that?” Niall asked trying to hold his laugher. “Yeah….. because her dad is in it and she got mad”. Everyone got quite. “ooh well now I understand” I said. “So Lou let me get this clear…. You just criticized her dad’s movie on purpose” Zayn asked. “NO I didn’t know Mr. Hiddelstone was in it” Louis said.  “Didn’t you recognize him Lou? We looked at the poster every day and you didn’t recognize him?” Harry said. Zayn burst out laughing again with Niall. “But how do you know her then Liam?” Harry asked with a smirk on his lips. Zayn and Niall stopped and they all looked at me. Oh god now I have to tell them everything, but what if I lie and say that I don’t know her. “Don’t try to lie because you are awful”, Harry said. Damn there. “Okay so basically I met her at the show…” I told them everything and every detail and Harry and Niall were already making me regret that I told them. “Calm down Liam we are just making fun of you” Niall said.  Louis and Zayn didn’t say anything. “Lou. Zayn, please say something”. “I don’t know what to say. I’m impressed that you actually talked to her that night” Zayn said giving me tums up. “She’s really hot Li. Don’t do something I would do”. Harry said smirking and Louis slapped him. “HEY” harry yelled and made some people look at us. “Make a move before someone else does” Niall said. “Who?” I asked confused. “Me” Niall said. WHAT! I can’t believe he really said that. I’m choked. Please say he’s joking. Did Niall really say that?. I can’t believe it. This must me a nightmare or something. “Are you kidding me Niall?”. “Calm down bro. I was only joking. She’s all yours”. Niall said laughing. “Yeah we’re only joking Liam. You saw her first then she’s yours”. Harry said. “But if it doesn’t work out, then can I have her?” Harry asked “NO I want her” Niall said. I can’t believe these two boys. “HARRY NIALL. STOP THIS NOW!”, Louis yelled at the two boys who were fighting. They stopped and said sorry. “Liam I’m happy that you two are going out but please don’t hurt her okay” Louis said trying to be a protective brother. “WOW who said something about that we are going out? We are only friends. Plus I just got out from a relationship and she did too.” “That’s not what it looks like” Harry said and Niall slapped him on the head. “Why do you keep slapping me! I have feeling too you know” Harry said fake crying. “We are only friends right now but I do fancy her, but I just met her 5 days ago. We just have to wait and see what’s going to happened”. “I’m proud of you Liam”, Zayn said fake crying. “My little baby is all grown up” Louis said fake crying with Zayn. Harry and Niall were fake crying with them too. I keep tell them to stop because people were looking at us but they didn’t care. Oh My God. Someone help me please. I need someone who’s normal.

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