The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Louis POV.

Why did I say that? Why couldn’t I just shut my mouth? I just saw her for the first time in 7 years and I messed it up. Great. Now what? She didn’t even text me back when I tried to get contact with her, so I decided to stop texting her for tonight and don’t make her even more upset. I looked up from my phone to see what the other boys were doing. Zayn was probably upstairs sleeping because he’s not her. Harry was texting someone on his phone. Niall was watching our interview on Alan Carr while eating. Of course, why not. Liam was, you know. Yeah………… What is he doing? I actually don’t know what he’s up to. He keeps looking at his phone, then up at the TV and then back down again. Really? Wow. That’s not weird AT ALL. He’s almost doing that all the time. What’s wrong with that guy these days? Just asking. I actually feel terribly bad for him. He thinks that he pushed Danielle too much and ruined everything. It’s not his fault. Danielle is that kind of girl, who cares about what other people thinks of her. I’m happy that Eleanor isn’t like that. But in a way, I’m worried about her. Who knows if Danielle is ever going to get a bad influence on Eleanor. I love that girl too much to let her go and let her change like that. I’ve been missing her so much. So I think I’m going to call her now and see how she’s doing.


Liam POV.

AARRRRG! What’s wrong with me? I want to text her so badly, but I can’t. Why can’t I text her? What am I so afraid of? What keeps me away? What if she doesn’t like me? Oh my god what should I do. All these thoughts. I just need to make a decision. Suddenly Louis stood up to leave the room. “Where are you going Lou?”. “Upstairs to call Eleanor”. “Oh, okay then”. El. Hmm… Maybe she’s with Danielle right now. NO! I can’t think about her. It makes me feel like crap. I looked up at Harry, who was texting someone. Probably a girl. I’m not going to ask who it is. Niall is laughing his head off because of the interview we did with Alan Carr. It’s kind of funny how he can laugh of everything. You just have to say a funny word, then he’s all gone. I wish I was like that. But I’m not.  

“ The next day ”

Liam POV  

“BOYS COME DOWN NOW. YOU ARE LATE!”, Will our manager said, or should I say, yelled. “We’re coming”,  I said. “Where are the others Liam?”.  “They are right here”, I said in that awkward moment I turned around and saw none of them. I looked at Will, I guess a little embarrassed, and he didn’t seem to be happy about this. “I swear they were right behind me”. Will roll with his eyes. “Yeah, sure they were. BOYS COME DOWN NOW OR YOU WILL REGRET STAYING AWAY!!”, Will yelled. 5 seconds later all the boys were here and we got into the car. “What took you guys so long?”, I asked the boys. They all looked at me if I was stupid or something. “Liam, it’s a movie premiere we are going to and we have to look hot you know”, Zayn said. “I know but you took longer than you should”, I said. “Liam of course it take long to make our hair. You don’t even have hair anymore so shut up”. Zayn said.  “He’s right Liam. We are going to meet famous people Liam”, Louis continued. “Like you always say, we need to make a good impression to people”, Niall said, being proud of what he said. “And the most important is, that there will be a lot of hot girls tonight”, Harry said, smirking, then licking his lips. “Yeah… OLD girls”, Niall said winking. Harry gave him the death stare and kicked Niall. “Boys! Enough. We don’t have time for fighting”, Paul said. “Please behave and remember there will be really big names walking among you tonight, so we don’t want them to think that you are stupid children who can’t take stuff like this seriously”, Paul said serious, staring at each one of us. “When do we get there”, Niall asked. “We are here now and remember to behave. Okay, now go and get them”, Paul said parking the car. “Liam, you can take the control over the others for now”, Paul said. “Like every other award show”, Zayn said. “We are not kids you know”, Harry said annoyed. “Yeah, we can take care of ourselves”, Niall explained. “Say the little kids”, Louis said laughing.  “HEY!!”, Harry and Niall said at the same time. Oh god! Please help me someone…


Harry POV.

Who does he think we are? KIDS!! Very funny. NO. I’m going to show him who’s the kid here. It’s definitely not me. Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean that I’m not serious about this. Niall acts more like the youngest one. Liam doesn’t know what ‘having a good time´ is supposed to mean. It’s like he’s from another world. Maybe that’s why Danielle broke up with him. He even shaved his hair.                                               


Niall POV.                          

Why does Paul always say that we don’t behave? Why does Liam always get the charge? We can take care of ourselves. We are not kids you know. I’m older than Harry. He’s the kid not me. And Liam. Who does he think he is? Try to control us like that. He can’t even control his relationship. Ups… I shouldn’t have said that. I think he’s having a really tough time dealing with Danielle. But I don’t understand why he has to shave his hair?


Zayn POV.

“Why does he always get the charge”, Niall asked Paul. “Because you’re not listening to us and he’s the most mature out you five in this group”, Paul said. “But Louis is the oldest”, Harry explained. Paul looked at him and said, “Have you met Louis?”. “HEY”, Louis yelled. “Whatever”, Harry said. They are never going to end this. It’s just such a lame topic to discuss. And so what if we’re acting like little kids sometimes. You are never going to get any fun times if you aren’t a part of it yourself. “Boys if you’re so annoyed at Paul, then why not try to show him that he’s wrong”, I almost screamed at them. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Yeah that’s a good idea Zayn. Show me that you can be serious, without I’m not always have to tell you too”, Paul said. They nodded in agreement and stopped arguing. Liam and Louis were too calm. Liam haven’t said anything since we got in the car and Louis have been calm. That isn’t how they normally act. What’s going on with them? They got problems about something? Who knows? Not even words can tell us that…       


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