The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 

Harry POV.

“Boys please don’t say and do something stupid okay? We don’t want the management get even madder” Paul our security said. “Okay don’t worry I’m here” Liam said smiling. “OH yeah Liam’s here…..EVERYBODY RUUUUUUN….PAYNO IS BACK” Louis said running around like a crazy boy. “Liam try not to think about Danielle okay, it’s not the time for that” our manager Will said. Why the hell did he just said that.


“Everybody please welcome One direction”. And the audience screamed. We got in and sat on the sofa at Alan Carr. Niall come in first then Zayn, me, Louis and then Liam. Liam looked sad again. DAMN you Will. “Where are my nuts” Louis asked Alan. “I don’t know where your bloody Nuts are” Alan said and took a bit of one of thenuts on the table. “We had the loose women’s left over. That’s disgusting. That’s disgusting don’t eat it…. it’s disgusting. Don’t eat it” he said and sat back. “Who wants a drink he said and opened the box. He made fun of Niall and his Irish accent. “Now Zayn tell me about that special language you have” Alan asked. “ We can’t tell you that” Louis and Zayn said at the same time.  “Come on I want to speak the one direction language too. Is it like the clicking noises from Africa?” Alan asked doing a funny face. “Tell me one word”. “So basically is li...” Zayn said but Niall interrupted him “the microphone is one”. “Oh my….Do a crosswords or something” Alan said and the audience laughed. “Louis is it true that you got deaf of from the screaming” Alan looked at Louis “ I said DEAF from the screaming”  the howl audience laughed. “Who’s the dirties fans? Who flashes you the most?”.  We looked at each other “Swedish fans”. (/then you haven't been in Denmark yet /)

“They just press their breastsagainst the car windows” Niall said. “OH MY god. It’s like two eyes staring at you.” Alan said. “There is a think on Tumblr where there are these fan fiction. They think we don’t see it but we do” Liam said while doing a serious face.  

“Harry you know that last time you were here a girl screamed: ‘Harry, Harry give me some of your gravy’. Well I got a new tweet from a girl who said: I wish I was the chatty man’s sofa so Harry could sit on my face”. We all laughed like mad. “Age 9….SHE IS 9!! How do you know these things?” Alan said.

“I love your new video but I have to say that you still can’t dance. After the break we are going to do a dance of and I’m wiping your as off”.

“”After the break””

“Welcome back. And look who’s still here….it’s  only bloody blow me One direction”

“”After the dance””

“And the winner is……ALAN” Jessie J said. “that was is for the tonight show. See you next week”. Alan said.


Fiona POV

This was torture. I have been trying like fifteen dresses already!

I was shopping with Jacqueline, because of my ad had insisted on it. If he hadn’t then I would have gone with Lindsey. I don’t like her, and she doesn’t like me. At all. The premiere is tomorrow and I haven’t found a dress yet.

“What about THIS dress, then?” She holds up an ugly pink dress with a skirt like a ballerina.

“It’s ugly, Jacquie!” I walk over to a mannequin with a beautiful purple dress. If only she would let me get this one. “Jacquie..? What about this one?” She just looks at me knowing that her point was clear. I couldn’t get it. After all ... She was the adult one, not me.

The next dress was pink. Like ... REALLY pink. It clung to my waist and I couldn’t breathe in it. The following blue one was even worse.  It was so tiny that I knew my dad would be ashamed of having me along on the red carpet. The black, green, red and yellow looked like something the cat had dragged in from the garden.

About 3 hours went and I FINALLY got my dress. It was purple and long. There was no sleeves and stopped at the top of my chest.  We chose some shoes without much talking. After that we found a café and got some tea. I found my phone and decided to text Lindsay.


Fiona: Hey, Linds please save me xx


Lindsay: haha why? Xox


Fiona: because she’s killing me! :(


Lindsay:  She’s not that bad :D






Fiona: how can I yell at you, when you’re not here?  ;)


Lindsay: because….erm… It was fun :P


Fiona: I don’t have time for you now, but maybe later ;)


Lindsay: Who said that I want you ;)


Fiona: Are you cheating on me????


Lindsay: Go and die….see you later today :)


Fiona: Haha okay… see yah later Linds.


Lindsey: bye Bicht xx



End of chapter 5

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