The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


25. chapter 25

Chapter 25

Fiona pov.

I can’t believe that Liam send those flowers to me and even with cheeky messages that I don’t quite understand?  It doesn’t seem like Liam to send me cheeky messages with flowers. He’s sweet I know but he’s not the cheeky type. That’s Harry. It couldn’t have been him. That is not how he is. But what if it was him? Then how did he figure out that I had a show?  And again what if it wasn’t him? Does that mean that he’s here or does someone play with me?  Am I getting punk’d? Where are the hidden cameras?  

“Fiona you’re on” the stage manager said. I nod and set the flowers on my table. I walked towards the end and waited for the signal. I took a deep breath and just stood here with my outfit and jumped up and down. (Outfit on the side). Okay it’s on again. I can do this. I wished my dad could be here, but he’s busy with his new movie and properly with Jacqueline. He told me I was coming back to him after 2 weeks and it’s been what….. A couple of months and he’s still not finished with his movie.

 Or he did finish it and yeah I don’t know maybe taking a break or he’s at vacation with Jacqueline. Yes that’s why. He’s on vacation with her that’s why I’m still with my mum. I love my mum but I don’t see her that often. I saw her even more when I lived with my father, believe it or not it’s true.   

“Be ready in 5…4….3….2…1…..0”

“Ladies and gentlemen’s welcome to this year’s New York fashion week” .the announcer said through the speakers.

“Fiona get out now”. The stage manager said. I nod and walked out. I stopped at the end and looked around. I then started to walk when the light shined on me. I walked the runway and felt everyone’s eyes on me. When I got to the end I looked up and saw my worst nightmare.

You got to be kidding me. What the hell are they doing here?

I saw Liam at the end and all the others around him. With my mum……and who’s that man beside my mother?

 No way no way noooooo way. Is this a sick kind of joke? Cuz´ then it’s not funny.

 It’s my dad!

What is he doing here and with Jacqueline? Of course she’s here.

I turned around and went out to do my change. I still can’t believe they are all here. I went in and out a couple of times and they all clapped at me. Maybe it’s not a bad idea that they are here.

When I went back out the last time Liam was missing. Where did he go? I smiled at my family and friends and walked back into my dressing room to see




 Liam pov.

I lied and told the others that I was going to the bathroom but instead I was sneaking backstage to see her. I walked pass the hall and found the flowers I had hidden behind a huge mirror. I looked around to see if there was some before I took the flowers and went to find her dressing room. I opened the door and peaked instead to see if there was anybody else in there. It was empty so I stepped inside. I putted the flowers on the table and looked around. But then the door opened and I heard footsteps so I turned around and saw her. She looks so gorgeous and I can’t take my eyes of her.

“Liam” she says confused. She sounded socked to see me. I couldn’t stop starring at her. She gave me a weird look and winked her eyebrows at me. Oh right she said something. But what did she say? What did she say? I can’t remember what she said? Okay Liam. Think. What the hell did she just say???

“Liam are you alright?” She asked. This time I heard what she said luckily. But what should I tell her? 'That I just needed to see her? NO definitely not that, she would think that I’m a weirdo or something.

“Erm….. I just came back from the bathroom and…… erm…. Wanted to see you and tell you how good you look- I mean how well you were out there”. Why the hell did I just say that? She gave me a smile and hugged me tight. We pulled away and I was going to tell her about the flowers but then the door sprung open and all the others came in.

They all came in and I stepped back. They congratulated her she gave them all a hug. Ashton came in and went straight up to her. Not him again.

“Sweetheart, you looked so damn good out there”. He said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Okay that’s enough. I can’t take this. She doesn’t care about me. She loves him not me. What the hell did I think? I will never get a change with her. Nathan saw me and went out with me.

“Come with me, I know what will help”. She said and we left.



Fiona pov.

After the hug with Liam everyone came into the room and congratulated and hugged me. I’m still mad about how they found out but… oh whatever it doesn’t matter. I’m glad they are here. My dad, mother and Jaqueline stood beside me with the 1D boys while TW, JB, Austin and Cody stood behind them smiling at me.  

“You looked smoking hot out there” Harry said and got a weird look from my dad. Typically Styles.

“Yeah and I didn’t even think about food even ones. Now when I say it, do you have any food here? Niall says making everyone laugh.

“You totally nailed the catwalk and I was so close to go on it too”. Louis said laughing.

“It was good, thumps up Fiona”. Zayn, the most normal one beside Liam. Now when we are talking about Liam, then where is he? Before I could ask for him, 5 SOS came into the room and Ashton came up to me and spun me around.

“Sweetheart, you looked so damn good out there”, he said while kissing my cheek. I saw Liam in the corner with his head down. He looked sad about something and when Ashton strokes my cheek he somehow got mad and gave him the glares. I saw Nathan comfort him and then we got eye contact, but he turned his head and left with Nathan.  



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