The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


23. Chapter 23

Chapter 23.


Liam pov.

That feeling you get when things doesn’t go after your plans. When someone destroys all your hard work. That is how I’m feeling now. Since that stupid Australian band came everything has been going downhill. I feel like someone took all my strength and made me powerless. I’m not good enough for her anymore. I won’t be there anymore to comfort her cuz I can’t get the chance since that guy Ashton won’t let me or someone else near her.

Who the hell does he think he is?

He can’t do that!

He doesn’t own her. 

And you know what the worst part is. The worst part is that she’s not doing anything about it. She’s not even complaining that he is controlling her.

Not at all?

I’m heartbroken.

 I can’t do anything right.

What’s wrong with me?

Everything was going great before they came.



We had a week off and made different plans. Us 1D boys were all sitting in the hotel room bored and had nothing to do. While the, The wanted boys were gone to do a gif for themselves and meet some off their fans. Justin and Cody were doing something together as well but I can’t remember what they said. Fiona was gone too. She had a photo-shoot whit Erin and Lindsay I guess.

And if you ask then yes, Harry and Erin are still not talking to each other. Well Erin tries but Harry won’t talk to her.  

Fiona and I get closer for every day. Every night when everyone is fast asleep we sneak out to talk. I get to know her more and that’s an advantage for me. She trusts me enough to tell me about her life that she doesn’t even tell her friends. I tell her about my life too, for her to get to know me.      

Niall were watching football with Louis. Harry was playing on his phone and Zayn were…… yeah what he always does, he’s sleeping. That’s when I got the idea.

“Boys lets go and surprise the girls”. I told them. Niall and Louis paused their game. Harry looked up from his phone and Zayn was still sleeping.

“Which Girls?”. Niall asked. Looking confused.

“Fiona and the girls”. When I said that they had a ´aaa´ expression on their faces with a couple of smirks.

“What?” I asked them.

“Why do you want to surprise the girls Liam?” Louis said with a wink. That made Niall laugh.

“Yeaaah Liam why” Niall said.

“Oh oh I know. That’s because he already misses Fiona” Harry said.

“Just shut up” I told them.

“Come on just tell the truth. You like her”. Harry said and made me blush a bit. Damn you Harry.

“Awww look at him, he’s blushing”. Louis said.

“Lou, look at those red cheeks” Niall said with a baby voice. They seriously need to stop this.

“Just ask her out already”. Zayn said. When did he wake up?

“Guys stop I just got out from a relationship”.

“Liam it’s been five months. Get over it” They said at unison. Scary much? Has it really been that long? Maybe they are right. Maybe I need to move on from Dani. But what if I take the chance and decide to be with Fiona and then get hurt again? Is she worth it! She won’t ever hurt me but dani told me the same and now look where I am now.

“Guys I’m going out”. I took my jacket and wallet and went out to my car and started to drive to her destination.

Five minutes later I finally arrived. I stepped out from my car and locked it. I walked inside and asked after her name.

“Liam”. A beautiful voice said behind me. I turned around and saw her. She looked gorgeous. She stood in front of me with me choked expression.

“What are you doing her”. She asked with a smile this time.

“Nothing I just wanted to see you”. I told her

“Missed me too much”. She said and made me blush. I smiled at her and stepped closer to her to hug her and she hugged me back. We pulled away and she looked sad.

“Is everything alright”. She asked me. I forgot that she were still in her outfit from the photo-shoot.

“yeah everything is alright. Don’t worry”. I told her.

“ when are you done”. She looked around and stopped when she saw the clock.

“Actually now, why”. Her beautiful blue eyes were staring at mine.

“I want to take you out somewhere, of course if you want to”.

“Of course I want to. Let me change and then we can go”. She got back inside and came back seven minutes later.

“I’m ready lets go.”      


“”End of flashback””    

That day were amazing. We went out on a picnic and had fun. There was another day when we went out for a walk and decided to take a swim in the lake when it was full moon. It was a perfect night.

I think I may have fallen for her…


Fiona pov.

“so tell me cousin, how has it been”. Ashton asked me. If you haven’t already figured if out then let me tell you. Ashton is my cousin.   

“Nothing much. Same old boring stuff”. I told him which of course was a lie. Why should I tell me about my life when he lied to me too.

“You are lying”.

“no I’m not. “

Yes you are.”

“says the liar”.

“you are still not over it are you?”. Well duuh! He finally got my point.

Here’s the storywhen I were in Australia on the holidays I meet this guy I really liked. He asked me out and said beautiful things to me and made me happy. But then I found out that he was my stupid cousin Ashton’s friend. Ashton made him go out with me to prank me. It was all a joke just to pay with my emotions.


“Leave me alone Ashton”. I said walking from him. I don’t want to see his stupid face. After what he had done to me I never talked to him again. And then he comes here and thinks I want to talk to him again after what happened.


 Haha no I’m not doing that. 

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