The famous Daughter ( A One Direction fan fiction)

Fiona is a 17 year old girl from London. She is one of the new VS angels. Because of her parents, Fiona get to meet many famous people! Her mother is an manager and her father is an worldwide known actor, Tom Hiddelston! Fiona have to learn to live with all the fame, and at some point it gets easier for every minute she live? But what happens when she meets a curtain boy-band? would she fall in love or would she be heartbroken? Read and find out! ;)


10. Chapter 10

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update, we have been really busy with school and our exams is next week. We try our best to writ when we have time. We hope it’s okay! And BTW I went to a 1D concert with my cousin this week here in Denmark ( 5-5-2013) and it was.........AMAZAYN!!! It was the best thing ever and they spoke Danish! AAAAARRRRRRH……

Anyway Enjoy this chapter <3


Fionas POV.

I couldn’t help but being a bit bitchy to Louis. He literally deserves it.
I walked back to my dad and sat down. During the movie we really didn’t talk that much. When my dad got smashed by The hulk, I hid my face in Luke’s side. I couldn’t look at my dad because I know he was happy to be smashed around like that. Luke is my dad’s publicist. He’s really a nice guy and he has helped me through some difficult times, when I was mad at my dad.
He just slightly put an arm around me, like if it was the most natural thing in the world.
“It’s done now, Sweetheart” He whispers, and I sit up again, and watch the rest of the movie.
The movie was over to soon, and I’m glad my dad’s going to make another one, because literally. It NEED another movie. My dad stood up, and reached out for my hand, which I gladly took.
“Where do you know those guys from, Fi?” He gave me a puzzled look but smiled when Luke joined us as we walked into a big room. “Those One direction boys” he said looking at me. Where the hell does he know them from? “How do you know who one direction is?” I asked him.  He laughed a bit and said: “Everyone knows them. I don’t think there are people who don’t know who they are and Louis is in that band too you know” My dad said smiling. “Yeah I know…. I met him the other day at the after part with Zayn and later that day I met Liam but I didn’t know they knew each other. I only know Liam, Zayn and… Louis. The others have I just met.” He didn’t seem to believe me.
“You know… When you’re mad at someone, they really do deserve to get to know why.”  “I’m not mad”. “Yes you are. Just forgive Louis Fiona”. I looked at him in shock. “But he said that he didn’t like your movie“
“I don’t care what he said, Fi.” He smiled and put an arm on my shoulder. “Really.. I don’t. You can’t get everyone to love what you’re making. If he doesn’t like superhero movies, that’s his decision, not yours. I think you owe him an apology.” What? Did I owe him an..? Christ! I can’t deal with this right now!
“I.. I need to go.” I slipped out from his arm, and walked to a corner that wasn’t crowded at all. When I sat down I saw my dad coming towards me, so this was a no-go. I stood up, and walked to the toilet locking the door.

“Fiona?” the voice of Luke trembled out from behind the door.
“Go away, Luke.” I could feel I was about to cry. I just knew it.
“Can I please come in for a second?” His voice was begging and I just simply unlocked the door inviting him in.
Luke’s a good guy. And the sight of him just made me tip over the edge, making my eyes filled with tears.
“So.. What’s going on?” He locked the door again, and sits down on the floor, back to the door. “Your dad’s furious at himself. What have he done?” My dad was furious at himself?
“I just.. “ I took a deep breath and tried not to cry. “Louis and I are fighting because Louis said something bad about dad, and now dad thinks I’m the one who should say sorry.” A tear made its way down my cheek, and Luke wiped it away without any thourght in it. I sat down and rested my head on his shoulder. I know most people wouldn’t do things like this, but Luke isn’t just a publicist, he’s a friend.

“Louis..? Louis Tomlinson? From One Direction?” I nodded.
“Well.. If you’re mad at him I can understand you. I mean if someone criticized someone dear to me, I would be mad too.” Luke’s always so understanding. I love that about him. “But he’s right on this cuz he’s your childhood friend”.  “Maybe…I will think about it”
“Well… Should we get out of this bathroom and let the others get to use it?”, he stood up and reached a hand for me to take.  Together we walked out of the toilet, and were greeted with a curious crowd.

Zayn POV.

WuuuHuuu”. OMG…… that movie was EPIC!! I loved the way that there were a lot of butt kicking. I don’t understand why Louis doesn’t like it. I liked it a lot and I think the others did that too. Harry and Niall was screaming  ‘Uff’ and ‘oooh’ every time someone gets hit. Louis was quiet through the movie and Liam was excited about the movie with me. “I feel sorry for him, but I kind of liked it,” Liam said excited. “I want to see more of this.” “Me too Zayn. Me too”. Liam said. The movie ended and we all got to the after party to meet all the actors and actress and some other important people. Louis was still quite and he didn’t say anything. “Okay lets meet some people” harry said. “Yeah! I want to eat, I’m hungry” Niall said. “When aren’t you hungry” Zayn asked. “I’m hungry too actually. What about we grab some food later after meeting these people. I looked at Louis and he still didn’t say anything. Hmm what’s wrong with him? I grabbed his arm led him slightly away from the others. He looked confused at me. “What’s wrong Zayn? Why did you lead me here?” He asked. “Well I hoped that you would answer that question cuz you were quite through the movie. What’s wrong now”. He looked down and then up to look at me. “I actually liked it”. Louis said. “Did I just hear Louis say that he liked the movie?” Harry said interrupting us. “yeeh body” Niall said. Liam was smiling and gave him a hug. “I’m glad that you liked it. And I hope you know what you need to do now”. “What do you mean Leeyuum?” Niall asked. “He means that Louis should apology to Fiona” I said. “ooh yeah I get it now”.  Niall said. “Well I’m off now. See you all tomorrow.” Harry said walking away. “HARRY WAIT. WHERE ARE YO GOING?” Niall screamed and made people look at us. “I’m meeting Erin” Harry said. “”Who’s Erin” Liam asked. “Some chick he met” I told him. Liam nod and Louis made fun of him for blushing.  “Well then I’m of too. I’m meeting Perrie”. “Okay have fun Zayn” Liam said. “I’m meeting Eleanor then” Louis said. “I’m meeting my refrigerator and then my bed” Niall said and made us laugh. We turned to Liam who haven’t said what he’s doing. He raised his eyebrow and gave us confused looks. “Why are you giving me those looks?” He asked. “We just told what we are doing but you haven’t yet, so TELL US” Louis said screaming the last bit. He thought a little bit and said: “I’m meeting Fiona”. Harry was smirking and Niall did funny noises. “Go and get some haaa Leeyuum” Niall said winking. Liam blushed at told him to stop. Harry was teasing him too now.  “Please tell her that I’m sorry and that I want to apology about what I said” Louis said. Liam nodded and we all left. But then It reminded me that we haven’t talked to these famous people yet. “erm….boys we forgot something” I told them.  They thought just for a second and then Liam spoke: “ OMG we forgot Paul. Where is he?”. “I’m here Liam” Paul said from behind us and made me jump. “Paul do we need to talk to those people cuz we really don’t want to”.  He looked at us and rolled his eyes. “Whatever…but don’t blame me when management is coming after you”. “Of course not” Louis said smirking. Paul mumbled something and left. “well I’m going now byeee”. “Bye Zayn, have fun” Liam said. “Thanks and say Hi to Fiona from me”. “Of course. I’m going to boys byee”. Liam said and left. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted Perrie.

Zayn: hey babe, I’m coming over xx

Perrie: Hi Zayn, yeah I’m home xx

Zayn: Great I will be there in a bit ;) xx

Perrie: Can’t wait ;) xx   


end of chapter 10

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