Just one stupid dare

Ashley Mahone is a very pretty girl she is Austin mahone's sister .Austin will always ask Justin to hang out with him.Just one dare could change her and his life.Find out more what will happen.


2. Why the hell are you here

Ashley's pov:

Beep!! Beep!! Beep!! it was so annoying.when i open my eyes it was already 11 am and so i quickly go to the bath room.I turn on the hot water and when the drops of hot water hit my body it was so good I wash my hair and after I finish taking a bath i wrap my body with my fluffy purple towel it was so comfy.I went to my dresser and pick out a black beanie a purple t-shirt and a black booty short.I went down and grab a box of captain crunch and a bowl and before i was gonna open the refrigerator the door bell ring  "im coming" i yelled when i open the door i was like what the flying fish it was Justin "ahh why the hell are you here"i ask "Austin wanted me to come by" so "AUSTIN, JUSTIN IS HERE"i yelled i let justin in  and a few second later Austin came down and "aye bro" Austin said "aye" he said and they did their bro hug and walk to the living room so i went back to the kitchen and grab the milk and pour it and walk to the living room and sit on the couch next to Austin.They both were playing X-box.They were yelled its so annoying so i told Austin that if he needed me i will be in my room.i went on my mac book and go on twitter and just scroll down on my new feed for about an hour it was 2 pm so i texted Madison if she wanted to hang out at my place and she said she will be here in 5 minute.Her house is just 10 house away from mine.I heard the bell so i run down and open the door and it was Madison i hug her and she hug back "hey gurl' i said "hey ash" madi said.we both gonna go up to my room but Austin said "want to play the dare game" so i look at madi and she was smiling and then nodding so we went to sit with them and Austin said i start and then Justin whisper something to Austin and then they both smirk.Then austin said "your dare is........................






















sorry guys but i couldnt write anymore today sorry if its boring and comment how i should improve or how would you like it better.Sorry for a short chapter because i have load of shity home work to do 













<3 stay beautiful <3


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