Just one stupid dare

Ashley Mahone is a very pretty girl she is Austin mahone's sister .Austin will always ask Justin to hang out with him.Just one dare could change her and his life.Find out more what will happen.


3. THE DARE!!/will you be my girlfriend

Ashley POV:

"Your dare is to....make out with Justin for 5 minute" after Austin said what my dare is i was shock and i can feel my blood is boiling inside me but the both start laughing so i said "your kidding right?"they were slient "Austin what the fuck you know that i hate Justin"i added Justin did the hurt face but i know he was acting and "I not kidding"Austin said "FINE whatever!!"i said angrily and I start to lean in and he slowly put his hand and cupped my face and when our lips touches i felt sparkle and i though to myself why did i fell spa...but then i got interrupt by Justin's tongue in my mouth and in the background i heard Madi squeak and Austin was laughing I quickly pulled up and Justin was smirking and "You guys make out for 15 minute" Madi said and Austin was smirking and i started to blush like crazy and "Aww your sooo adorably when you blush" Justin said and i carefully slap him in the chest softly then Austin and Madi laugh and i was thinking to myself why did i blush and why did i felt spark when we were making out this feel weird.Maybe i felt with him was i falling for h......just then i got snap out of my thought because they were continuing the dare so now i will dare Austin "you have to makeout with Madi and say i love you"i dare him that because i know that they always have liked each other Madi was smiling and blush like crazy and so was Austin the started kissing and "i love you madi,...will you be my girlfriend?"Austin said then my and justin's mouth drop the "YES YES YES YES OMG I LOVE YOU TOO" Madi said "hey i didnt dare you to ask her out" i said interrupting them "so what i want to ask her out"Austin replied "AWWWW" me and Justin said at the same time "Im taking you out today okay baby girl?"Austin asked Madi and Madi nod "wow!!omg what time so i could get her ready?"I ask Austin "At 6 is that okay?"Austin said then i looked at my watch and then nod because we have 2 hour.Then i stand up and start pulling Madi to my room and tell her to take a bath.I pick out my dress for her and it was like a white top corset and the down part was a baby blue.



it was really cute on her and i curled her hair and wear a baby blue high heels with a flower on it 


and we went down and ...............











I will update soon if you guys will comment and like or favorite it  cause i don't know if you guys will like it or not and i will update today again if you like it.You guys can follow me on instragram i mostly post picture of Justin my account is: swaggie_bee
















<3 stay beautiful <3                                                             

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