Just one stupid dare

Ashley Mahone is a very pretty girl she is Austin mahone's sister .Austin will always ask Justin to hang out with him.Just one dare could change her and his life.Find out more what will happen.


1. Prologue

Ashley Mahone is a pretty girl she have a brunette hair colour and she have a brown eyes she is 5'4 tall.She's 17 and her boyfriend is Cody Simpson.She never liked Justin.Her best friend is Madison Beer [this fan fic Madison is 17] Austin Mahone is 19.Austin and Justin are best friend.Justin had always liked Ashley but he never confess it.Will he ever confess it and will she ever start falling for him?












Hey guys this is my first movella so if you guys like it make favorite or comment or like it so I will continue this story.Thx



<3 stay beautiful <3

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